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Healing Your Environment

By Dreamhealer

  Healing your environment requires awareness on many levels, encompassing personal to global issues. From the microcosm to the macrocosm the key to all healing is creating a balance. A stress-free rhythm or flow of activity is the goal for your optimum health and the health of your environment.

How you relate to your environment and your respect for it is inseparable from how you view yourself. Knowing that you have the power to change is the first step toward taking action. Change your patterns and you can change your past, present and future.

On a personal level, your health is your primary environmental concern. Healing involves physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Successful healing encompasses your entire being; body, mind and spirit. When all these systems are in balance, illness can be avoided or controlled. Your healing is affected by internal and external influences.

Rather than a series of biochemical interactions dominating your health, it’s becoming more evident that you can play a proactive role in your health. These are what I refer to as your internal influences which you can learn to more effectively balance. You create your own healing environment through your intentions and perception of your environment. Your beliefs, attitudes and emotions are your mind-body connection that you have control of. Your immune system is constantly influenced by your own intentions.

In order to be more proactive, understand that you have control over your external environment as well. On a social level you make choices about the people and institutions you interact with, your education, hobbies, interests, and relationships. You choose your friends, and have the opportunity to create positive loving interactions with family also. Diet, exercise and habits are choices that influence your personal environment.

As a community, our environment is more than the sum of our personal homes, buildings and surroundings. We are conscious beings with the responsibility of achieving sustainable balance in this realm as well. Projects like recycling of our used goods creates an awareness of accountability for our human activity. We‘ve enjoyed the privilege of using these materials, and we have to respect their necessary return to balance our environment. Each of us shares a responsibility to de-stress the natural environment of our air, water and earth by minimizing the impact of human activity.

Whether your goal is to improve the planet’s environment through conserving energy consumption, or if your goal is reducing and improving your own dietary energy consumption, a balance is required. The effects of creating and maintaining a natural balance and flow within us affects the entire environment beyond ourselves. 

“What appears to separate us is only illusionary. It follows that what we do for ourselves is ultimately what we do for everyone. Helping everyone is therefore an unavoidable outcome of truly helping ourselves.” — Adam


Creating and maintaining an ideal balance is both a personal goal and a global one. In order to focus your energy on what you want to create, the use of visualizations is helpful. Why visualize?

Visualizations have been used by many of the greatest minds, such as Nikola Tesla, a well-known inventor. He had an amazing ability to visualize his inventions and how they worked. He referred to this as his “Mind Lab”.

Visualization is a goal-oriented tool to help you specifically focus your attention while you take control of your intentions. Intention synchronizes your conscious awareness with your subconscious beliefs. Visualizations bring this intention to life by getting all your cells working together toward achieving this reality. Set what you desire in your conscious mind, and then let your subconscious mind recreate what your intentions are.

By making visualizations as realistic as possible with clear positive intention, you will receive optimal results. When visualizing for health issues, you are recreating yourself in your new experience of wellness. Create your new healthy reality now. Remember that the energy of your intentions is actually being processed as new information within your body. That is the true power of visualization.

Improve your environment by focusing all your intentions clearly on what you want to change. For example the nuclear accident at Fukushima in Japan affects all of us. Rather than feeling powerless, do what you can to help. Put your thoughts and intentions out there as clearly as possible to minimize the damage. Your thoughts are powerful especially when they are resonating with other similar intentions from around the globe.

Be pro-active and use your own power of intentions to transform your material world for the better. Use your intentions to visualize creating a better reality. Send your healing energy in a focused intention called visualization. Thoughts are energy.

All energy is interconnect-

ed. We use our intentions to change our physical health, which manifests a physical change in our bodies. It follows that this same mechanism can be applied to affect physical events on our planet. The energy of your thoughts can transform your physical reality both inward and outwardly. The power of collective consciousness when many are focusing on the same intention amplifies this effect.

“Be the change you wish to see in the World.” — Gandhi


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Dr. Adam McLeod (Pen-name Dreamhealer) is a Naturopathic Doctor, an international best-selling author and speaker, and a Native American healer. His full-day workshops include 2 group energy treatments involving all the attendees. These sessions are transformational jump-starts to your healing.


For more information about energy healing and visualizations, refer to Adam Dreamhealer’s books and DVDs. His books and DVDs can be purchased at http://www.dream Each book and DVD is totally different depending on what you need to work with. Enjoy Self-Empowerment!