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Color Your Life: Awakening to Color

and Consciousness with Crystals

By Margaret Ann Lembo


As spring arrives, the palette of colors comes into bloom again. As the sun returns to the sign of Aries to stir another level of awareness, so do the colors of life. The renewal at this time of year brings about the coloring of eggs from an old tradition. Closets of clothes change — from darker tones of blacks, browns and burnt orange to pastels of blue, pink, yellow, purple and green — to reflect the season.

Every season and cycle of life brings out different shades, tones, gems and colors. In the seasons of life, we change as well as the favored color and gemstone. When I was a child, bright red was my favorite color. As an adult, cobalt blue is my favorite color. I wear cobalt-framed eye glasses, drink from cobalt blue quaffs, use a blue iPhone cover, wear a sapphire ring and a lot of cobalt shirts. The color keeps me calm and aligned with higher consciousness.

Choose your wardrobe and gemstone jewelry for the day based upon the desired outcome of planned activities. Do you take notice of the color of a friend’s clothes to encourage understanding? You might notice their gemstone jewelry, but do you know why they chose that ring or bracelet today? You can “read” others by the colors they wear.

Colors and gems influence the way we feel, act and react to others. The colors you are drawn to are revealing. The same is true with gemstone jewelry, as well as the colors of foods. Colors show a need for comfort and love, or a need to be heard. They show when it’s time to get motivated and take action, or the need for more time in contemplation and prayer.

Whether it is the color of your clothes, the walls of your office, or the food you eat — wear it, paint it, eat it, or admire it with a matching intention.

Everything vibrates. All vibration has a sound and color associated. All thoughts create reality. Match colors and gemstones you wear, or carry the thought forms that create your desired outcome and watch a beautiful reality unfold.

What colors and crystal do you choose to aid you throughout this next cycle? Choose from the colors of the rainbow to help you make more conscious choices in the way you dress and in all you do. Chakras — the energy centers of our body, mind and spirit — can be aligned from head to toe by matching your intention with the color of your outfit and accessories.

Brown, black or red for power, grounding and focus. Choose black tourmaline or garnet.

Orange to birth those great ideas into reality. Carnelian and orange calcite facilitate this intention.

Yellow to shine your magnificence and fabulosity. Use citrine and golden topaz to polish up your self-confidence.

Green and pink to be compassionate and kind. With jade and rose quartz in hand, open your heart.

Blues to express your authentic self with wisdom. Adorn your neck with aquamarine and turquoise to allow the Divine to speak through you.

Purple to bring forth inspired living. Amethyst encourages intuition.

White to align with purity and clarity. Diamonds and selenite are sure to activate the connection higher awareness.

The choice is always up to you. How will you spring forward in this next cycle of your life? Allow the colors of spring to enliven your connection to the Divine in your everyday life. Inspire yourself. Inspire your friends and colleagues. Live fully and remember you are love!

Margaret Ann Lembo is the author of Color Your Life with Crystals, Angel Gemstone Oracle Cards; Chakra Awakening; and The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones. She is a spiritual entrepreneur and practitioner, aromatherapist, and the owner of The Crystal Garden, a book store, gift store, and spiritual center.