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Sharpen Your Intuition and Live Your Dreams

by Tapping into The Spiritual Zone


By Gary Quinn


You can’t put your finger on it. You have an all-knowing, overwhelming feeling to make that change. And you do. Your inner voice tells you to be wary of the person, so you stay away. A hunch tells you to invest, You invest. It pays off. That’s Intuition. What exactly is this ability we all have? No matter how you define it, we can all agree that it’s a good thing to have. A great thing to cultivate. And guess what? It’s right here, within us, waiting to be tapped.

Our intuition is ready to help us navigate the plethora of decisions and choices we make every day. And when our intuition is well developed, honed and toned, we can avoid negative, unhealthy paths and head directly to the positive, abundant paths for a more fulfilled life. Intuition is about knowing yourself on a deeper level. And when you know yourself, your intuition starts to expand.

The big question is, “How do we sharpen our intuition?” First we have to wake up. Pay attention and be more tuned in, to ourselves and to what’s going on around us. Ask questions and listen for the answers. In other words, tap into your “Spiritual Zone,” a state that gets you to align yourself with an amazing power source. When you’re aligned in your Spiritual Zone, you can access and build upon your powerful intuition.

When you’re in The Spiritual Zone, you’re more connected to yourself and everything around you. You have more clarity and creativity. You become present, moment-by-moment; a magnificent foundation for sharpening intuition. From there I take you on a step-by-step intuition-building process. Your newly-sharpened intuition will bring more self-confidence. You become a magnet for a more successful, balanced and fulfilling life.

My intensive hands-on programs put your intuition muscle to work, teaching you how to become a walking intuitive instrument. You’ll even be able to give channeling, healing, or intuitive readings to clients, friends, and yourself. Intuition is really about self-discovery; knowing and trusting yourself on a more profound level.

Intuition is a holistic process, working with the mind, body and spirit. I combine everything from intuitive healing to clearing and forgiveness, to connecting with your angels (spirit guides), and teaching you how to do your own Soul and Psychic readings.


Here are my five techniques to Sharpen Your Intuition:

1. Clearing Process: This important first step sets the foundation for sharpening your intuition. The clearing exercise will release any blocks that prevent you from tapping into your deeper self.

2. Meditation: Focusing and clearing the mind through meditation helps you find spiritual communion and inner attunement. Meditation and prayer are interwoven deep within your consciousness.

3. Forgiveness Exercise: The inability to forgive, to let go of anger, is often the main reason people can’t become fully centered in their hearts affecting the mind, body and spirit. Not forgiving either yourself or others can shut down intuition like a giant brick wall. We will incorporate a guided imagery meditation to transform your energy.

4. Inner Peace and Clarity Exercises: After you’ve cleared the way and focused your mind and body, these inner peace and clarity exercises will build your intuition muscle, making you conscious of energy, power, and attunement. You will learn to tap into the powerful Interior of the heart energy.

5. Enhance your Aura: The Chakra System. Learning how the chakras work allows us to pay greater attention to our divine energy. A chakra is an energy center in the body. Seven of these energy centers align vertically along the spinal column. Each chakra corresponds to one of the seven colors of the rainbow and each vibrates to one of the seven notes of the musical scale.

Gary Quinn lifts the lid on the significance of combining the teachings of Intuition, using your own inner potential and creativity, to enable you to regain control of your life and to form a powerful energy bond that is magical and yours forever. When you do that, your life will open up to enormous possibility.

Gary Quinn is an angel intuitive, life coach and founder of the Angelic Intervention Life Coaching, Los Angeles. He is the author of an upcoming NEW book, The Yes Frequency®: A Simple System to Create the Life You Want, and Living in The Spiritual Zone and May The Angels Be with You. He has been featured in the New York Times, the Evening Standard, Vogue, Glamour and Red Magazine, as well as appearing on NBC TV and FOX TV. Visit: www.garyquinn.tv

Gary will be teaching a workshop on Saturday, April 6, titled: “Contacting the Spirit World and Sharpening Your Intuition, at The Learning Light Foundation, 1212 East Lincoln Ave., Anaheim, CA 92805. For tickets (714) 533-2311 or visit: www.learninglight.org