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Healthy Eating Habits & Healing Core Issues

Related to Weight Gain

By Kathleen Downey, CSC


Winter nights are long, and comfort eating can substitute for being outdoors exercising. Our bodies can change during this time, when we age, during pregnancy or with emotional trauma. With a little help, you can be the healthiest you that you have longed to be now that Spring and longer days are here.

Start with a commitment to change your diet. Stop addictive sugar, dairy and wheat products. A week or two of guided liver colon cleansing and diet change will give you the opportunity to be healthier, live longer, have more energy and look younger.

Your liver is your body’s filter system. Imagine if you didn’t change the filters in your car, it wouldn’t work as it should, and eventually the car would break down. An example of how important it is to clean your digestive system is established not only by the many digestive diseases recorded, but by the British Medical Society’s paper on the importance of cleaning the colon, which they state has a neurological arc to all the other organs.

The British scientists experimented with live chicken cells in petri dishes and found that if they cleaned the cells of waste products daily they stayed alive, but if they missed a day or two the cells started to die. Recognizing how important it is to keep your body’s cells and organs detoxified and in good working order is part of the first step.

There are many choices on the market for cleansing these important organs. The best way to find out what works for you is to seek out someone who is trained in nutrition and herbal remedies and has experience beyond a few years. My colleagues and I, at Core Level Healing, have thirty-five years of combined experience in private practice, guiding people to healthy lifestyles, detoxifying, diet changes and more. We can direct you as an individual, keeping in mind that everyone is different. Some products for detoxing the liver and colon have combined several ingredients meant to do similar things. That sounds great, however one or more of the ingredients in combinations like this may not be right for you.

Therefore, we have incorporated ways to test and direct you to the products and foods that are least allergenic to you.

Second, don’t make the mistake so many people do; do not indulge the day before you start a detoxifying cleanse. Cookies, wine and ice cream will still be there, however you may not be interested in indulging in this type of food once your taste buds wake up and develop new interests.

If you feel bloated, have stiff joints, diarrhea, flatulence, stomach pain and show early signs of depression, there are several things that could be happening. You may have developed Candida Ablicans due primarily to food fermenting in the intestinal tracks causing yeast in the gut. This is caused by several factors, diet — too much sugar, wheat, dairy, alcohol and fermented foods. Other causative factors include environmental and emotional influences. Do not under-estimate the influence of your emotional self with regards to body function or weight gain.

Many of the symptoms described here can also be caused by malabsorption, which is part of an inability to digest certain foods — wheat, dairy, soy, fructose are common culprits, normal foods we have eaten since birth. Fruits are often viewed as part of a healthy diet unless they are eaten when fructose is of larger value than glucose in foods. Fructose is absorbed in the small intestine without the help of digestive enzymes. However, only about 25-50g of fructose per sitting can be properly absorbed even in healthy persons. Once in the large intestine, if fructose has not been adequately absorbed, it reduces the absorption of water osmotically and is metabolized by colonic bacteria into short-chain fatty acids. These produce by-product gases — hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane. Aside from gas it makes one feel dehydrated even when drinking water.

It’s important to learn about your intolerance to different foods and how to keep your body healthy during and after detoxification. Certain eating habits and foods that have unknowingly caused you stress, and digestive problems can be recognized and eliminated with our process of detoxification and healing core-emotional issues related to being unable to digest certain foods.

The liver, large and small intestines and the colon not only process foods, they also process emotions. The liver responds to emotions of mental irritation, anger and repression. Anger and repression can cause the liver to malfunction if one’s nervous system isn’t strong enough to verbally or physically protect it, and an overworked liver’s imbalance can cause anger. The small intestines regulate heat to the heart and relate to discernment (decision-making processes), the large intestines and colon to the past and memory related to time — past, present, and future. Are we eating to indulge old repressions that are remembered subconsciously?

As you detox you will notice memories and emotions start to surface. Sometimes our behavior seems erratic during detox, which is why it is important to get out of our heads and into our hearts through the oldest meditation practice. The Shaman’s journey is a first-hand experience with your spiritual life giving you the opportunity to connect with supportive spiritual help to keep you feel safe and grounded.

Soul Retrieval and Past-Life Therapy work to help us understand the basis for the emotions and the bigger picture making it possible to clear up the core reasons for our health conditions. Detoxing, Soul Retrieval and Past-Life Therapy combined are your greatest support team for a healthy, abundant and very happy life.

Transformational Detoxing Week Retreats and Soul Retrieval and Past-Life Therapy Trainings are available in Hawaii on an on-going basis. Healthy gluten- and dairy-free recipes are now available under Healthy is Delicious at www.corelevelhealing.net  Private and long-distance sessions are available. Call (858) 401-3144.