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Cultivating Singularity

An Earthkeeper’s Way to Integrate the World

of Ego and Spirit, and Re-ignite the Fire within

By Adam C. Hall


Each year on Martin Luther King’s birthday, I feel called to invoke a new dream. This year I reached deep within to be bold like never before. I prayed for an end to our collective nightmare. And called for the beginning of a new earth. I asked that we all recognize our oneness with nature and each other. I saw each of us as an EarthKeeper, one who tends to the well-being of our people, planet and humanity.

EarthKeepers share a secret that is found in nature. Over the millennia these men and women have received nature’s gift. As EarthKeepeers we know that, in order to be in a relationship with the outer environment we must first be in relationship with our inner environment. Additionally, we know that the key to a long, prosperous life, the balance of both is essential. We recognized that a steep imbalance could lead to the eventual undoing of humanity.

The world as it stands today, both on the individual and collective level, has reached this imbalance. This tipping point calls upon all EarthKeepers to stand now and take action. It calls us to come together to bring harmony and balance to the new world that lies before us. We are after all, the ones the earth has been waiting for. As the nightmare of old comes to a close, we ask ourselves what will unfold in the new? How can we let go of our habitual earthly addictions and integrate the positive aspect of the past with the peaceful and loving aspect of the present?


Just a few years ago I heard Wayne Dyer say, “We are spiritual beings, having a human experience.” This statement had me puzzled, as I thought it was the other way around. At the time I heard Dyer speak, my life was confusing and uncertain. I had been living a picture-perfect life; the quintessential American dream. However, there was one thing missing: the joy of my being. I was unhappy. No amount of money could heal the emptiness that came from the resignation that I felt in those powerless moments of fear and despair.

Dyer’s famous words inspired me to closely examine the difference between the two seemly separate and opposite worlds of the physical/ego and spirit/Divine. At the time, I was actively seeking meaning. I desired a life based in trust and certainty full of peace and love. The American dream, that had been ingrained by society’s collective reality as created by TV, news, radio, money, war, and ongoing global conflicts, turned out to be a nightmare.

My passion for life began to wane. I was being consumed by the physical/egoic underworld. It was inconsistent with what my heart truly desired, a spiritual life. One in which I could fully embrace the egoic and spiritual worlds as one. However, that was not to be. I was forced to take immediate action or suffer the loss of my physical health or even worse, the loss of my soul. The moment had come to dream a new dream. A dream that would end the separation of the two worlds and finally put an end to my living nightmare.


I was trapped in the predatory world of the ego. Stuck thinking and feeling that I was merely a body that lived only to die. In this world I was in a constant state of seeking validation and self worth. The more I conquered and acquired, the bigger and better I would feel. Happiness was based on doing and it came at the expense of the joy of being. The law of the jungle ruled the day, eat or be eaten. Life was seen and experienced from an underworld of darkness, hidden in the shadows of the material world, such as money, cars, and belongings and ruthless separation from the natural world. I was lost in the woods of my existence and blinded by a limited perception and experience.

I was living in a world where I felt like a foreign being. I had been blinded by this reality and was unable to experience the greater wholeness or rather holiness of my life. In an instant of deep forgiveness of myself, a profound metanoia occurred. This metanoia was a change of heart, an awakening that turned me upside down and around, pointing me in an opposite direction, leading me to a path to become a fully-baked human. It set me off on a ten-year quest to reclaim the quintessence of my character. What was lost in the woods of the underworld was soon to be found in the upper world of the mountains, jungles, oceans and majesty of Mother Earth. A new dream began to emerge.


Emerging from the underworld, I realized that the doorway to the upper world of the Divine was all around me. Nature herself was the door, and I held the key. There was one catch; I just needed to figure out how to turn it. It was not as simple as opening the front door to my home. I needed to come into a deeper relationship with my own inner nature, the essence of my spirit. The unseen, inanimate, multisensory world of spirit was completely foreign. It had long conjured up feelings of fear and death, so I chose to avoid the topic entirely. However, the spiritual aspect of myself did not avoid me.

It became clear that there were two of me. One I referred to as the ego, or little Adam. The latter was the loving spirit, big Adam. The little Adam had longed for a world without big Adam. The narcissistic side of me was often raging war against the Divine within. All the while the spiritual Adam sat idly by waiting for the chaotic battle and war to end. Big Adam craved for nothing more but peace, love and joy.

I consistently asked myself, what I needed to do to turn the key. Clearly, I needed to close the door on the nightmare of the past and open the door to the magnificence of the present.

One day while I was sitting in the Amazon Jungle, the walking tree I was leaning up against suddenly spoke , “Adam.” Startled, I looked around. Who was that I asked? The voice continued.

“Do you want to walk forward in life and leave the old egoic world behind?” YES! I quickly blurted out. “You see Adam, I am the walking tree and if I do not walk, I die.” So, what does that mean? I asked. And the tree replied, “Think of yourself as me, close your eyes and become me.” As I closed my eyes, I felt the greatness of this tree which somehow stays rooted even as it moves along the earth.

I felt a surge ripple through my spine. “So, Adam what did you see or feel?” the tree asked. A surge of energy, I exclaimed. I sat up and walked around, excited to be tapping into the voice of nature. I sat next to the tree again, and she asked, “What did you learn?” As I took a deep breath, out of nowhere, came the words, “In order to walk on, you must lighten the load.” I was carrying the burden of the physical and psychological pain of my ego. My tree, so to speak, could not walk forward because it was weighed down by the past. I needed to let go of the baggage, to “lighten up.” As I got up to leave, I wrapped my arms around the tree and gave her a big squeeze.


After the conversation with the walking tree, I began to connect deeply with nature. The more I aligned with my inner environment, the more I became one with the outer environment. With every new experience, Mother Nature revealed her gift to me. I always felt safe and loved by her. The environment became a place of trust and certainty. Her wisdom was profound. Each time I surrendered a painful aspect of the egoic world, the warmth of spirit, the joy of being, filled my soul. As the upper world of the Divine began to emerge, life became balanced and harmonic.

We are all EarthKeepers . . . Divine beings. Each of us holds the key to cultivating oneness. When we clean up our own inner landscape with the gift of nature, the nightmare of duality becomes the bliss of singularity. Each of us, as a Keeper of the Earth, beholds the greatest gift ever known; the key to integrate the dualistic world into a single, purposeful life based on certainty and peace, full of love, joy, safety and truth.

Integrating the dualistic world of ego and spirit serves a purpose. It gives us access to the Divine. This unification process calls upon each of us to be courageous and fearless, all at once. Though difficult and seemly impossible, we can choose to become the spark that ignites the internal flame within, the Koyopa.

Merging into the singularity of the Divine is given. As EarthKeepers, we should and must receive this gift. It is our sacred duty to serve our humanity and honor traditions of the earth. We are the internal flame, may it always be bright.

Adam C. Hall is the author of The EarthKeeper, (www.earthkeeper.us), Board Chair of Earth Service, Inc, and  managing Partner of EarthKeeper Legacy Partners, LLC. For more information visit: www.earthkeepermovement.org 

When you join the Earthkeeper Movement, you may pre-order Adam’s new book, “The EarthKeeper,  at a discount from Barnes & Noble or Amazon.com. With that purchase, you will receive a free e-video book “Transformers of Consciousness,” featuring important messages from 21 Thought Leaders for the 21st Century. Please go to: earthkeepermovement.org