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Awareness Magazine
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By Audrey Hope


Come to your senses
Step into the age

Read signs of earth water wind

Learn the language of the land.

The time invites.
The light club opens.

Enter -

But only with bags discarded.

It is not about you.

Leave behind your story,
Family pain, drama and disappointments.
Release identity and past

Stay the course, no matter what.

Stop the compartments.
It’s the whole deal.

100 percent integrity- all truth and healed.
Power is deserved and earned.

Be superior to events.
Remain happy from an inside home.

Find reward in following the plan.

Forge ahead, despite what comes.

Don’t be fooled by negativity trying to eat you.
Don’t be tricked by popularity of the masses.

Don’t expect validation from persons or things.

Stand, though the world is twisted and wrong.
It applauds the superficial, puts down the sacred.

Take up the invisible sword,

Reciting the secret code:


And pray…

Prayher precious ground with carry us.
Prayher seas won’t overcry.
And the only warming is the morning sun
To awaken us to battle another day.

Mother earth, be still.
Until the work is done.
We came to save you.
We came to be strong enough to save you.

Audrey Hope is a spiritual counselor and host/producer of REAL WOMEN, an international award-winning talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives. Visit: and Her CD, The High Voltage Hope System, is available on