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Tips for Keeping Mind & Body Young

By Jesse Anson Dawn


Jesse Anson Dawn (accurately photographed at age 68), author of the national award-winning book Never “Old,” plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to personally control the unwanted effects of “aging.”

Presently answering the question: HAS ANYONE EVER DIED OF “OLD AGE?”

Dear Readers,

According to international research, most elderly people perish from what is called “natural causes” — a term commonly used to label the death of “senior citizens” who, after being examined, were not clearly afflicted with a nameable disease. Therefore, to somehow (categorize) this very frequent situation, unexplainable fatalities are said to be “naturally” caused by an “age”-based loss of basic bodily functions.

But I’m a firm disbeliever in the vague [and somewhat shortsighted] “natural causes” notion, because I see it as a way to excuse [Old Era] methods that fail to prevent, diagnose or cure the second largest cause of death: the probably diet-related, “mutated cells” that cause cancer. Therefore, largely due to the ongoing inability to ((effectively)) detect what goes on inside us, the “natural causes” term can “conveniently” handle the paperwork involved with labeling the “mysteriously” deceased.

As I again emphasize that a vibrantly alive, disease-conquering life is mainly a matter of how deeply we perceive (and thereby energize) the development of the basic building blocks of our bodies. And a good (first step) toward a true-to-life understanding of our inborn, ((self-renewing)) components is to declare:

A Newly Comprehensive Name for “Cells”

Quite often I wonder how our endlessly re-creating, ((internal regenerators)) came to be called [“cells”] — a label that brings to mind tiny jail cells, where prisoners sit locked-up, rotting away in continuous depression.

Thus due to the fact that what we label things tends to affect our basic conception of them, instead of perceiving our ((ever-renewing)) body-units as vaguely connected [“cells”], I prefer to call them Perpetual-Life-Clusters. Yes, that name sounds much less [boxed-in] than “cells” to me, and so be it as understood between us, because it greatly helps to realize the ((deeply ongoing)) effects of what we name something, especially what engenders our continually healing abilities.

Okay then, with that said, let us now ((evolve)) another misleading, rather problematic term for the unceasing re-creation of life — that which is clumsily called:

The “Big Bang” Theory

If we think about it, whoever named the origin of life on ((lovely Mother Earth)) as merely a “ye-haw!”-violent, [[[“Big Bang !“]]] explosion, must have been a military strategist, or a producer of combat movies. Okay, sure, I realize that, for various reasons, we get programmed to be wowed by things that go Ka-BOOM! — but let us intelligently rethink foolishly, war-pushing notions I say, especially when they involve ((ever-regenerating creation)). Or as the life-affirming, Dr. “New Dimensions” Deepak Chopra wisely said: “Real awareness of natural origination focuses on artistic design, and not violent fragmentation.”

Therefore, to align with the ever-clarifying aims of ((New Era)) teachings, instead of believing in “The Big Bang Theory of Creation,” I prefer to perceive it as The Creational Energy Theory instead, because only a brilliantly artistic power can evoke the awesome beauty of Nature. Indeed, just imagine the vast amount of ingenuity it takes to conceive the extremely beautiful intricacy of a rainforest, or the supremely ((multicolored)) array of beings in the oceans — none of which look like they were formed by a brainlessly, bomb-like explosion.

All of which points to fact that ((perpetual life)) stems from conscious creativity and not overtly injurious forces that, to a large extent, steer us away from our most precious ability: developing perceptions that, quite effectively (TRANSCEND) illness and self-destruction.

But unfortunately, due to the massively promoted influence of pharmaceuticals and surgery, the progressively proven potency of ((self-healing education)) gets habitually pushed aside by the [“mainstream” empire of drugs and operations]. All of which is basically a profit-motivated, [anti-spirit-power] agenda, whereby the medical industry continues to disregard THE UPPER-HALF OF REALITY: THE TRULY CURATIVE ABILITIES OF THE ((METAPHYSICAL DIMENSION)).

And yet, by transcending the [Old Era], media ploy to keep us scared of “evil ghosts,” by evolving into a New Era of Consciousness, we can connect with vitally helpful, ((GOOD-spirits)) — angelic beings who, (as depicted below), can be steadily transformative life-savers.

Although I have found that evoking spirit-linked, regenerative powers requires GOING BEYOND misleading perceptions [such as “[[[transformations-via-“Big-Bang”-explosions]]].” And that is why my books and articles steadily focus on what could be called: A ((Newly-Evolved)) Vision of Planetary Progress.

Also, to further your perpetually true-to-life, ((education-powered)) knowledge about the ((self-renewing SHIFT))))) from physical to spiritual, see my FACEBOOK TIMELINE...

“Youthman Messenger” Jesse will answer any questions (about REAL rejuvenation and ((protection-energy)) by emailing him at jesseisforreal@yahoo.com. Also, by typing Jesse Anson Dawn into the Amazon.com (book-search window), you can receive his uniquely beneficial, new book, THE NEW ERA OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Or you can have a bookstore order it via iUniverse Publications.