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By Lyda Whiting



Lyrics and music written by Birdsong, produced by James Coffey


Howl with wolves in “Leaders of the Pack.” Giggle as you wiggle along with the “Worm Poop Song.” “Honk Honk” along with the geese. Wonder at the sounds of “Orcas.” Cheer for the “Little Pocket Mouse” who went into outer space with the astronauts. Play with “Bella the Gorilla.”

Join Birdsong and the Eco Wonders on this magical musical exploration of the lives butterflies, flowers, wolves, orcas, gorillas, and of course, worms. These rhythmic tunes will have children singing and dancing along as they learn about ecology, the web of life, and amazing creatures of this planet.

This CD will inspire children to love and care for the earth — one joyful song at a time. This album won a Parents’ Choice Approved Award from the Parents’ Choice Foundation, a nonprofit guide to quality children’s media.

Highly recommended for ages 3-8.

Published by Little Ones Music, this CD is available at your local bookstore.



Written by Janet Crown with Henry, Jack & Sloan Peterson, illustrated by Daron Rosenberg

When the sky turns gray and the rain starts to fall, where do the animals go? The bear snuggles up in his cave. The squirrels scamper up the trees. The horses run back to their barn. They all try to stay dry when water falls from the sky. But the frogs stay out when the rain splashes into their pond. Frogs love being wet!

This book was created with the author’s children, as they told stories at bedtime about animals and how they live and play.

All proceeds will be donated to The Painted Turtle, Paul Newman’s Hole-in-the-Wall Gang camp for children with chronic and terminal illnesses. Janet Crown is a founding member of The Painted Turtle, and is on the Board of Directors of The Every Child Foundation and the U.S. Committee for UNICEF.

For ages 2-4.

Published by JR Communications, this book is available at your local bookstore.



Written by Kathyrn Cloward, illustrated by Christine Winscott

Kathryn can’t start her class assignment. She’s worried that she won’t finish, and everyone will laugh at her. Luckily, Maggie the magical butterfly knows how to help. Kathryn’s worries are blocking the flow of creativity. Kathryn is building a dam with her worries, the same way that beavers build a dam with branches.

Maggie helps Kathryn to see her worries as branches blocking the flow, and she imagines telling the beavers to go away and take their branches with them. Then she takes some deep breaths, and Kathryn is in the flow again.

Kathryn learns her thoughts, words, and actions make ripples in the world, just like a stone tossed into a pond. It is up to her to choose the effect she has in the world. She chooses the positive and sends loving kindness into the world. That is Kathryn’s loving piece.

Recommended for ages 4-7.

Published by Kandon Publishing, this book is available at your local bookstore.



Written by Ruth Wilkes, illustrated by James Cross

The band starts playing, and the show begins with Tammy Tomato, dancing and showing off the green star on her head. Stella Starfruit does cartwheels, and Bonnie Blueberry sings the blues. Andy Apple wants to join the fun, but he’s shy. The cast of fruit encourages Andy to try. So they all join hands and dance in a line. And Andy discovers he’s brave after all.

Fruit stars in this book, from the funny show at the beginning to the delicious recipes at the end. Each fruit stars on its own page of facts, with pictures of the fruit, the plant it grows on, jokes, and more.

The silly illustrations bring the dancing fruit alive during the show. The photographs of fruit and plants will help children to learn how fruit grows, and that many of fruits actually have star shapes, inside or out.

For ages 3-5.

Published by Willow Publishing, this book is available at your local bookstore.