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The Art and Practice of Raising Your Frequency

By Diana Aylward


Have you ever thought about getting a life? When people tell other people to “get a life,” what do they mean? They might not be aware that those three words — get a life — are true to form. Much of humanity does not have a life that is in sync with Life. With all of the self-help paraphernalia that so many people seek and partake in, they keep seeking more and more. Is their inner restlessness ever completely assuaged? Do they ever end up experiencing true peace? True joy?

True satisfaction with who they are and how they are living their lives? There are so many ways to ostensibly find happiness, so many books to read, lectures and workshops to attend, therapy sessions, spiritual treatments and remedies — the list is endless, the availability is inexhaustible.

Our spirit itself becomes exhausted and weak when its hunger to express its full essence within us is yet to be satiated. When we genuinely experience joy and peace, it is because our spirit is now thriving. So the key is to figure out how to bolster our spirit — not our minds or our bodies or anything else that does not coalesce with spirit. Focusing solely on the body and mind will get you nowhere — where there is peace, balance and joy — as long as your spirit is still knocking at the door. To access our spirit, we need to take note of our frequency.

Frequency is the “Tap” from the Divine — The Godhead — which permeates the entire Universe. It streams through all of Life, right down to the smallest blade of grass on our majestic planet. We cannot live without frequency, as it is the Life Force within us and around us. Since we are essentially pure energy, where we are in our life is determined by how powerfully or “how high” our cosmic energy — our frequency — resonates. The quality of our life is by no means random or selective. It is calibrated exclusively by how we manage our life energy, on a moment-to-moment basis.

The art of managing your life, so that it is conducive to living in balance, comfort, autonomy and overall aplomb, is by attuning yourself to the quantum frequency of Universal principles. Access to these principles allows each one of us the opportunity to attain a high-quality life experience, a sturdy, genuinely happy, state of being, and consequently, a higher level of consciousness.

By living your life, whereby the energy you put forth in all of your thoughts, words, attitudes, actions and intentions are consistently benevolent and in your best and highest interest, your frequency can do nothing but rise to levels that are high enough to meet you where you are, thus, unequivocally granting you a life that is truly worth living. The art of it all is to develop an ability to maintain such a noble dynamic through the thick and thin of things, that nothing can shake even one delicate snowflake off of your sturdy, impenetrable essence.

A high frequency makes it increasingly easy to do so; the more you perpetuate the positive flow, the easier life gets. Conversely, allowing your cosmic energy to frequently sag to low levels brings about unpleasant or mediocre experiences, relationships and daily living. It doesn’t take much to lower your frequency: Saying or thinking something nasty about someone, feeding your body food that doesn’t nourish it, or tarnishing your integrity by being unforgiving, unloving, stingy or disingenuous are all self-sabotaging, frequency-lowering tendencies.

By incorporating Universal principles into your psychic field, you will find yourself refreshed and in a new place — a brand new way of relating to others, to our planet and to Life itself. Goodness, abundance and peace become the norm when you raise your frequency and maintain it at optimal levels. The art and practice of raising your frequency will keep you on your track. Fear will evade you, worries literally become a thing of the past, and even difficult problems tend to wash away. You become strong and self-assured as you experience blessings and miracles of Divine intervention and protection on a regular basis.

Some of the most profound means to raising your frequency are the most basic: Keep a clean, tidy environment and body; the Universe itself exists on order and quintessential management. Raise your body’s frequency with high-frequency nourishment: fresh, untainted food that grows from our earth. Eliminate all the negatives from your life — including people. Forget about lying and cheating; they make you lose your power.

Practice integrity at every turn; even the slightest slip-up will keep you right where you are — or bring you down even further. Exercise creative expression. It doesn’t matter how bad you may think your creations are; they can never be bad since they are spawned from your heart, which is in direct connection with the God Force. Write in a journal: Spill out all the toxins that reside in your mind and heart onto the paper. Most importantly, meditate. Never miss a day. Connect with THE ONE.

Once you get into the swing of regularly living in conjunction with even some of the numerous sacred laws of Life, you will gain the power and expertise to design the perfect life for yourself that is a result of your integrity, strength and purity of heart and spirit. Living your life in constant alignment with Universal principles is the most effective route to raising your frequency because you assimilate them into your overall being; they become a part of you. Thus, it is you who is in direct contact with those higher energies that bring you your greatest and most fulfilling heart’s desires.

Diana Aylward, M.A., is an author, teacher and practitioner of  numerous metaphysical fields. Her latest book, “32 Ways to Raise Your Frequency,” is a testament to decades of in-depth study, observation and counseling on Cosmic energy/frequency, and how it can be utilized to master and empower one’s own sense of self and overall quality of life. She is a former professor of Spanish and English and resides in Los Angeles. Email: dianaaylward@mac.com Visit: www.frequencyraising.com, www.raiseyourfrequencythe smartway.com