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Uppity Women

By Mystic Trish


So who is the archetype that is rising?

Who is she that calls in the deep night?

We have long heard that the feminine was rising but what does that mean exactly?

Is she going to match our idea of feminine beauty?

When we think of the feminine rising she may not be the vision we had in mind. Iím sure many of us think of the loving peaceful mother image when we think of the feminine rising. We forget that there is a dark mother that will rise as well. We have heard of her throughout our history.

She may not be the prettiest image of the sacred feminine rising but she says she is necessary and she is rising for all of us ó every culture, every religion, every country. The women warriors are coming forward. It feels like a great battle for truth and equality for everyone. Not light and dark or good and evil, those things are subjective and open for interpretation, but truth and equality for both men and women.

There is a quicksilver flash of energy that is rising and it will not be denied. She is the Sacred feminine. She is the rising young warrior queen that the world is not expecting. She is Themis, Lady Justice blind-folded raising her sword. Blindfolded so she is more truthful in her actions and makes less subjective and emotional decisions.

She is the Goddess Maat who will weigh the souls of the departed to see if there is any light in the soul worth saving, both judge and jury. She is the black pillar in the tree of life, Boaz. She is the embodiment of the righteous rage that we all feel about the injustices of the world. She is Joan or Arc. She is Athena. She is Freya. She is the Morrigan. She is Boudica, Celtic Queen who routed the Romans from London.

She is a young woman who has joined the military, who wants to be treated as an equal to the men she fights alongside of. Recently a group of young women, all of them serving in

the military, filed a lawsuit against the Pentagon challenging the ban on women serving in combat. These women put there lives on the line everyday and are not allowed to move forward in their career simply because they are women. Talk about a glass ceiling. I think she needs a Bunker Buster.

Israel has always had women in their military, The Israeli Defense Forces. It is mandatory; Israeli is the only country in the world where this is so. Can you imagine if all countries had this as mandatory? What would that do for us as a species?

We assume that it is just men fighting in the Middle East. But the Arab spring has had just as many young women as men fighting for what they believe. Whether armed with a camera, a gun or just schoolbooks, they are fighting for their freedoms and their rights as well as their countryís Hebrew; Muslim, and Christian histories all have female warriors. This is not a new idea. There have been women warriors from ancient times to modern times. This should not be shocking.

There are the Amazons in ancient Greek legend. Actually those Amazons were from the area now known as the Ukraine, but it was the Greeks who wrote about them so we have that association. And of course the Greeks had Athena, born fully formed and armed from her fatherís head. She is a warrior goddess who is accompanied by Nike Goddess of victory.

In every culture and every ancient period there are stories of women taking up arms. Most often it was in defense of their families and lands from invading armies. Women donít usually just go to war just to fight, they usually have a reason.

But if you look to the classical goddesses you will see that quite a few are goddess of war. Freya was a Norse goddess of war and fertility ó flip sides of the same coin. The Norse also had the Shield maidens, young women, who if not married and busy with domestic responsibility, could go off to war with the men if they wanted.

Egypt had Sekhmet, a lion headed goddess who was so angry with humanity she set about destroying it and could only be sedated with 7,000 vats of beer. I wonder what the people did to make her so upset?

These are the Uppity Goddesses/Women history could not keep down. These are the ones who would not submit to the rules. History is filled with these women. And it feels like they have all reincarnated right here, right now to be a part of this amazing step forward for all of humanity. Women of the world, what do you have to say? She is rising because the time has come!

Trisha Howe is a born intuitive who started psychic training at age 15. She has over 30 yearsí experience in Intuitive Counseling, Crystal Healing, Tarot, Mediumship, and Clairvoyance. Contact her at or at (949) 493-0705.