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Pet Corner

Women and Cats

By Allen and Linda Anderson


Over the years we have read many stories about the spiritual connection people have with animals. The stories come from all over the world. Often we find one common factor in the stories: one of the central characters is a strong, loving, nurturing woman.

Whether a cherished pet, an animal in nature, a horse, or other types of animal companions, there always seems to be the unwritten agreement between animal and woman allowing both the freedom to open new doors to greater spirituality. Both woman and animal are individuals experiencing together the trials of living. As a team, they give each other strength, comfort, and joy.

As a special treat, if you’ve not already met her, we want to introduce you to our little black-and-white tuxedo kitty Cuddles. We found her at an animal shelter as one kitten in a litter of the cutest little critters. We couldn’t decide who should go home with us.

Linda held her arm out, palm up, in the cage full of kittens. Cuddles leaped over all the other kittens and landed in Linda’s outstretched hand. Linda looked at Allen and said, “This must be the one!”

Cuddles came to us when we wrote our first book and needed to do everything we could imagine to let people know about it. Because “Angel Animals” was such an intriguing concept, when we told local media about the stories we had collected from all over the world and which were now in a book, they began coming to our house to help us bring out our spiritual messages.

Cuddles became our kitty ambassador. She posed for cameras, sat on reporters’ laps and purred, and became a publicist’s dream image. Since then, she was our dog Leaf’s running mate when he became the first cocker spaniel candidate for president of the United States. (He didn’t win but we were told he had write-in votes.)

This sweet little cat is our friend, our “enforcer,” who makes us all follow the house rules, protector of our vulnerable cockatiel (another whole story about cats and birds), and our teacher.


Cuddles has a spiritual connection with Linda that seems to carry a special female-to-female energy. They “get” each other. Cuddles always intuits what is important to Linda and in her feline way manages to assist. Since their bond is so strong, Linda puts her furry friend to work and entrusts her with the important job of waking her up.

If Linda intends to take a nap, she says to Cuddles, “I want to sleep for twenty minutes. Will you wake me up?” Cuddles registers the request in her mysterious brain. Twenty minutes (on the dot!) later, she licks Linda’s hand until her human charge is awake.

With that kind of precision, it’s no problem at all for Cuddles to wake up Linda for whatever time she sets the alarm clock. The trick is for Linda to remember to tell Cuddles about the anomalies, such as daylight savings time and snooze alarms.

Their relationship is beyond words or even emotions. It is a meeting of souls, and the love they share will live on forever.

Ask Cuddles

Below are a few excerpts from the “Ask Cuddles” column in our book Angel Cats: Divine Messengers of Comfort, published by New World Library in 2004. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.


Dear Cuddles,

Do cats really love us, or are we merely the source of their food supply?


A Human Can Opener


Dear Can Opener,

Can’t you tell we love you from the way we follow you around, jump onto your chest when you least expect it, and purr even when it’s not dinnertime? Of course, we love you even more after you’ve given us our favorite cat food!

Complexly yours, Cuddles


Dear Cuddles,

Why were cats given such amazing powers to heal with their purrs, their companionship, and their unconditional love?

Sincerely, A Cat Purr-son


Dear Cat Purr-son,

We cats are endowed with healing powers because we don’t hesitate to use them, even if no one notices.

Intriguingly yours, Cuddles


Dear Cuddles,

Do animals go to heaven?

Sincerely, Hopeful


Dear Hopeful,

Yes, of course animals go to heaven. And we will joyfully greet you there at the Rainbow Bridge (it does exist!) when you arrive. That’s a promise.

One more thing. (You can believe this or not, but I happen to know from personal experience that this does happen.) Sometimes the soul that was your sweet kitty can’t wait for a heavenly reunion with you. This soul then rejoins you at another place and time in a different body. If you want to know the truth of this, look into our eyes. See if you recognize an old friend. Our love never dies.

Forever yours, Cuddles

To see photos of Cuddles go to www.angelanimals.net/nlimage94.html and visit her on Facebook at Angel Cats.

Do you know a woman and a cat who have a spiritual connection?

Allen and Linda Anderson are co-founders of Angel Animals Network and the authors of a series of books about the spiritual connection between people and animals http://www.angelanimals.net. Their newest book is Animal Stars: Behind the Scenes with Your Favorite Animal Actors (http://www.animalactorsbook.com)