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Voices of Hope

The Goddess Rules Her Tenets (Ten Its)

By Audrey Hope


May it be known that this edict applies to every woman, in every nation, in every culture, in every era, for women everywhere suffer, then and now, from the wounds of his-story. The curse bestowed upon her down through the ages, and today, is the worst of crimes — the loss of her own soul and ancient magic. In the name of the most high, may she now be restore(yed) and resurrected into her divine power. Hear her tale:

Once upon a time there lived great women who possessed the secrets of the kingdom and the wisdom of the ages. The divine goddesses convened in sacred circles and healed the people and the land. But the men grew frightened of her and devised an evil plan to steal her power. They used the most dangerous weapons imaginable — tricks of guilt and shame and invisible brainwashing that turned her against herself. They tore her name out of holy books and blamed her for everything. The deadly deed — they stole her goddess power and her knowledge of it.

And so her magic lie dormant, hidden and forgotten. Sometimes she would catch glimpses of it, in moments she might remember. But without her wings, the world looped down into heavy weights of war and siege. Without her love and light, the world grew dark. Until now…

The golden age prophesy foresees a time for women. But, she must now rise up, wake up, and transform into the full restitution of her holy power. She must reactivate ancient codes, rebalance what is unfair, unequal and set things right. She must be “unbrainwashed” to lead the way for peace for herself, men and the planet.

It is time for her RE-EVOLUTION — A higher movement, a spiritual feminism, a circle back into her divine connection, beyond the original scope. What began as a mission on the ground — fighting for basic rights, wages, votes, body protections, respect, freedom from abuse, is now an inner journey to the resurrection of her soul power. She must be fully seated on her throne. Only then will equal men and women accomplish the joined spiritual task to heal the earth.

The battle has been long. Much has been required.

This remarkable fight to win back the earth is an unprecedented grand experiment to take over the job of angels and masters. We have been tried and tested for the divine mission. So many of us did not know the curriculum, the plan, and reasons for the hard lessons, and so we suffered greatly. The new age taught us to attract from law, and so we are confused as to why our dreams do not come, even when we do everything to make it so. May the truth be known. We are manifesting what serves our higher soul. We are in a master class to gain strength and grow our light. All issues must be healed and cleared. The course is spiritual warrior ship. Everything serves.

May she now reign again as the queen she is. May she understand the horror of her brainwashing and the crime through the ages. May she now reboot her sacred power, move into the sovereignty of herself, the place no one can destroy, belittle, criticize, rape, weaken, kill or silence ever again. She must take her place in history.


In the law of the limitless light, in the power of the one, I come from the land of the ancient ones, and it is my divine given right to live in my sacred power. I as woman, decree:

1. I will never again ask for permission to be who I am. It is beneath my sovereign power to hold a scorecard of what the world says of me.

2. I will never give away my soul light and I shall never allow it to be taken. I protect 100 percent of my energy to manifest my own dreams.

3. I am first. My relationships are only icing on the cake. I will love another wholly and not “holey” (from a place of need, a donut hole that needs to be filled). I am aware of my vulnerability to give everything for love till I am depleted, and I am on guard of this weakness, and heal it with the armor of self-love.

4. I allow every emotion, every feeling to be expressed, honored and validated by me. I am free to speak my truth and follow my heart.

5. Guilt and shame are no longer allowed in my vocabulary. I simply step into my center alignment and allow healing fires to face what I must, heal what I must — quickly and easily.

6. I will no longer fall prey to a life system that does not allow me to age or celebrate my strengths. My weight and beauty are not measured in bathroom scales or mirrors. I am from the holy realm and my true worth is priceless and immeasurable.

7. I will never allow myself or any woman to be hurt or put down ever again. I will stand up, change laws, scream, yell, change attitudes, beliefs and injustices. Enough is enough. Silence no more!

8. I alone have the power to stop all self-doubt. I wait on no one. I end the inner war that says I need to be fixed.

9. I am a goddess; I am light from a legacy of light returning to the age of light. My job now is to activate the hidden potential in my DNA, to access higher frequencies in my body and embrace the collective awakening of humanity.

10. I know my life can change in a moment, like caterpillar to butterfly by following feminine spiritual law — the boundaries of self-love and self-care. In love with myself, and in honor of my inner beauty, there is nothing I cannot do. I can reach for the stars, and take everyone with me.

I begin re-evolution.

Audrey Hope is a spiritual counselor and host/producer of REAL WOMEN, an international award-winning talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives. Visit: www.hopesrealwomen.com and audreyhope.com Her CD, The High Voltage Hope System, is available on www.amazon.com