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Feng Shui Concepts

2015 Global Feng Shui Forecast

By Jenny T. Liu, M.A.


Every year, studying the Yi-Jing, annual Nine Star Chart, Five Element Theory and the philosophy of feng shui, helps us to understand patterns of interacting energies and forecast global events. This wisdom handed down to us allows us to prepare for potential disaster and minimize loss, as well as take advantage of potential growth energy to achieve positive results. To ignore this, we deny ourselves a precious inheritance and risk suffering the consequences of neglect. Following is a brief overview of the 2015 Nine Star energies.

CENTER — The Center Stars indicate that central government world leaders face judgment in 2015. Focus will be on reformation of corrupt and outdated political systems. Worldwide natural disasters will be a wake-up call reminding humanity that life is short and resources are precious. We must prevent our own destruction and relieve the suffering of future generations. Painfully aware of this, the next generation will carve their own paths by rebelling and creating their own world and fortunes through technology and the internet.

NORTH — In the northern regions such as Scandinavia, Canada, Michigan, North Dakota and Minnesota, the younger generation enjoys prosperity and improvement of circumstances. New young ethnic leaders in government, as well as in vital corporate and academic posts bring about positive changes and develop effective programs. Challenges arise due to mudslides, water pollution, disease, poor judgment, or working class rebellion.

SOUTH — The southern regions of Africa, South America, Louisiana, and Texas may encounter competition for resources — especially regarding labor, land, and forestry. There may be disasters related to fire such as explosions, warfare, air crashes, electrical storms, and burns. “Shocking” events of rebellion, political scandal, and violation of young females also occur. Still, we can expect to see strong female leaders and persecution of criminals.

SOUTHEAST — Natural disaster and illness energy can spread in the southeast regions such as Florida, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. High storm activity can cause landslides and cave-ins that result in property loss and casualties. Medical, pharmaceutical, and construction-related fields will be busy in the Southeast regions. Disaster may be an opportunity for leaders who know how to observe a rebuilding community’s needs. There is a surge of cultural and economic collaboration as people from both the west and east (such as the U.S. and China) head into the southeast to do business and get married.

EAST — East energy is dominated by China but also relates to the U.S. East Coast and Europe. In 2015, Chinese culture spreads through tourism, food, manufacturing, entertainment, philosophy, healing therapies, and population. Eastern governments experience changes in leadership that create new partnerships between Western and Southern governments to overcome obstacles together. It is a time of renewal for the East as they let go of the past and move forward. With this progress, there may be fighting among leaders and staff, sex scandals, and health problems.

NORTHEAST — Northeast regions of Japan, Beijing, Korea, and New York experience economic improvement in 2015 due to new leadership in both the public and private sectors. Stocks go up as new investors infuse the market with money from abroad. Business related to health, spirituality, alternative healing fields, and travel will do well. Storms, drainage problems, water-borne disease, and mosquitoes may occur in the Northeast.

NORTHWEST — Positive critical research and female scholars appear in Northwest regions like Alaska, Vancouver, Washington, and Oregon. An unexpected union of leaders develops training programs that foster civilian talents and effectively improve the economy. There may be a sex scandal or special relationships among leaders in the northwest regions. Storms or hurricanes may cause public transportation accidents.

WEST — Western regions like the U.S., West U.S. Coast, San Francisco, France and Spain are exposed to greed and money conflicts. Questionable corporate and government dealings will be exposed. Natural disasters related to earth and water, such as earthquake, flood, and drought may occur. The West may also experience security and privacy violations, sexual discrimination, epidemic, internet hackers, terrorists, sex scandals, or harmful exercise fads.   

SOUTHWEST — Temperatures and real estate value continue to rise in southwest regions like Southern California, Hawaii, Chile, and Argentina. Businesses related to trade shows, expositions, weddings, and celebrations should increase. Middle-aged female leaders and celebrities rise in the Southwest. Water and earth disasters appear like earthquakes, water pollution, water shortage, or flooding due to old pipelines. Gang, mafia, or black market dealings related to drug and sex trafficking may increase in the Southwest.

For more information and upcoming seminars on the 2015 forecast, visit liu-fengshui.com or join our Liu Feng Shui FaceBook fanpage.