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Book Reviews

By Sonia von Matt Stoddard


By Trenace Rose

Through a series of spiritually-inspired vignettes, and for those of us with a healthy curiosity about life beyond the mainstream, this book provides us with intriguing perspectives of other universal trends that will resonate with you on many levels, starting with primal knowingness.

Going from “A is for Archangel” to ‘Z is for Zen” — and containing a separate glossary that defines terms you may not recognize, this book covers a topic for each letter of the alphabet. Hand-drawn illustrations are included for each subject. The book is approximately 12” by 12”, so it’s not something you can carry with you, but it is perfect as a coffee-table book. Better yet, it’s not meant to be devoured in one sitting, but rather more like a consultant you can visit when you feel the need to explore a particular topic. 

Published by Dementi Milestone Publishing, this book is available at your local bookstore or http://www.dementimilestonepublishing.com


The Ecstatic Art of Awakening Coaching
By Arjuna Ardagh

The term “Open Secret” describes something available to anyone, anywhere and will solve all your troubles instantly. This will give you access to infinite creativity. The book isn’t about better sex but rather about something that is BETTER than sex. Once you know where to find the Open Secret, which is in every one of us, you will never have to fix it in order to receive the magic it offers.

This book shows us how to unlock that inner strength, through meaningful questions that will present a deeper understanding of ourselves. It draws on several real-life examples from coaches and clients.

And, as an added bonus, once you have purchased the e-book or a hard copy, you also have purchased a free membership to the writer’s website. All you need to do is register for access to video, audio and additional materials.

Published by Awakening Coach, LLC, this book is available at your local bookstore or http://www.awakeningcoachingtraining.com


Modern Thought Theories
By Ulrike

By reaching out to those searching for more meaning in their lives, the author tells us that we need to re-educate ourselves to think and act on a more spiritual level, and reminds us that this is a daily task, not just a once-in-a-while endeavor. She encourages us to enjoy our health, wealth and happiness, not just in the now, but for all 365 days every year.

Applying the principles in this book will help us to sort through the wrong beliefs we have accumulated in our lives thus far. We are encouraged to show strength and trust in ourselves, then work on that foundation, towards achieving what is magic to us: perhaps a cosmic vibration or two, deep insight and complete healing — physically and mentally — so that you can easily return to the source of pure bliss in your life.

Published by Troll River Publishing, this book is available at your local bookstore or at http://www.modernthoughttheories.com


A Book of Wisdom
By Keidi Keating

Re-awaken your inner life and discover an enlightened one instead! With guided preparation, practices and follow-through, we can experience subtle wisdom from other worlds, like manifesting miracles, angels, karma, forgiveness and destiny. You, alone, are the miracle that contains the energy, frequency and alignment of your entire nervous system, in order to obtain that ultimate understanding of the Supreme Experience you are seeking.

Begin your journey by preparing the world around you with Feng Shui, while nurturing your physical being with spiritual nutrition. Express gratitude. Learn to find true happiness in your heart. Find inner, as well as outer, peace. Use meditation to power your understanding of all these different, yet sometimes similar, disciplines.

Chapters are included from some of the world’s leading luminaries and best-selling authors such as Neale Donald Walsch and Don Miguel Ruiz.

Published by New Page Books, this book is available at your local bookstore or http://www.newpagebooks.com


Behind the Scenes with Your Favorite Animal Actors
By Robin Ganzert, Ph.D., with Allen & Linda Anderson

Written in partnership with the American Humane Association, we get to meet and learn about some of our beloved animal actors, from monkeys, horses, and wolves to our domestic dogs and cats, and a few of their “star” owners as well. We also get to know the trainers and some secret tips and techniques we could try on our own pets.

Did you know some animal actors display diva tendencies, or are taught to perform in a way which helps us believe or feel that we know them? This is a fun book with a deep inside look to places many of us are not familiar with. We learn what really goes on at the studio and on the set, and get a glimpse of what their lives are like off-screen as well.

Published by New World Library, this book is available at your local bookstore or http://www.newworldlibrary.com


Spirit Journeys with Animal Guides
By Dawn Baumann Brunke

As we awaken to the wisdom of our dreams, we begin to heal ourselves and our Earth. Dream work can help us to forge deeper connections with the natural world and move more consciously in planetary evolution with all beings. By drawing on the author’s dreams of polar bears (as well as their dreams of her) it is revealed how we can each dream ourselves awake and, with animal companions and guides, help create a better world.

This book’s focus is on deepening our awareness, so we can see what we are afraid of in ourselves, and move toward a more positive and deep understanding of how everything fits together.

Published by Bear & Company, this book is available at your local bookstore or http://www.bearandcompanybooks.com


Alison Blasko

Part I by Wake Breathe Love, Guided by Tao GrandMaster Mantak Chia

Part II by Tao GrandMaster Mantak Chia

This is a fascinating read. A consummate storyteller, Wake Breathe Love weaves an engaging narrative with the lyricism of a poet and the wisdom of a sage. The book provides a bird’s eye view into his personal journey with GrandMaster Mantak Chia. Master Chia shares complex esoteric ancient knowledge and Wake shares his personal experience of the practices and insights while he is learning them.

As such, the book has an almost dual purpose. It is part classic memoir and part instruction manual, revealing the universe’s inner mechanisms and secrets. This allows the reader the ability to experience the book as both a witness and as a participant. Wake’s engaging fluid style and voice invites the reader to not only keep turning the page, but also to incorporate the spiritual practices espoused in the book into his or her own life.

Published by DolphinOlogy, Inc, the book is available at http://www.dolphinology.org, www.amazon.com/ or itunes.apple.com