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Big Diagnoses, Simple Solutions

By Dr. Juliet Ten (Dr. J), D.N. Sc.


Recently I posted free gifts of 10 Secrets to Attract the Income You Want and 10-Minutes Meditation Guide on social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook, the response was overwhelming. People from more than 15 countries responded with the same theme of health concerns: they had gotten big diagnoses from physicians, such as cancer, diabetes, Irritated Bowel Syndrome, Hashimoto Syndrome, Leaky Gut Syndrome, overweight conditions, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Attention Deficit Disorder, food allergies, apnea, and skin rashes, etc.

No matter what diagnosis you obtained from your physicians, the solutions are simple: improving your immunity, so that your body will be able to conquer whatever physical symptoms you encounter.

How to improve your immunity then? Certainly not by drugs, surgery, or radiation! Unfortunately, the contemporary medical establishment usually uses these killing strategies to treat the dis-ease. If you wish to take responsibility for healing yourself naturally, here is my recommended holistic approach:

Anti-Yeast Nutritional Program

As you are aware, most the part of the world is following the foot-step of Americans and adopt SAD (Standard American Diet) by eating lots of refined foods that are loaded with sugar, dairy, wheat, yeasts, alcohol, caffeine, and chemicals. These foods feed your enemies within: yeasts and parasites. When your “extended family” is well fed, they have a rock and roll party, and meanwhile deposit toxic waste in your body and cause you all sorts of allergic reactions. Once you wean yourself from those no-no foods, you will starve the yeasts and parasites and nourish your body.

Choose fresh vegetables and fruits for daily consumption. These foods will create an alkaline environment. Disease will grow out of control only in an acid environment. When you know that your little enemies: yeasts and parasites like the acid environment, don’t you want to keep your body alkaline to inhibit their growth?

Even if you choose the organic produce, you still need to wash them thoroughly or soak them in the saline water for 10 to 20 minutes, and rinse off the impurity such as yeast pores and parasite lavas thoroughly.

Herbal Therapy

Based on my experience working with people from all walks of life across several continents, yeast and parasitic infection is the base for all kinds of diseases regardless of your diagnoses. Drugs may control the symptoms for a short period of time (according my clients’ self-reports). They usually lose their effects after six months and meanwhile clog the liver and kidneys. On the contrary, when my clients used strong herbal formulas to detox, and rebuild their immunity and energy, they tend to improve their quality of life.

Basically, you need to take strong formulas to remove the harmful yeasts and parasites through an herbal detox program. You might also need hormonal regeneration formulas to balance your hormones; and weight control formulas to boost your metabolism and reduce the unwanted weight.  You need to stay on the maintenance program for prevention after you got well, because controlling the overgrowth of yeasts and parasites is a life-long process.

Stress Management

Yeast and parasitic infection is the root of all evil when physical health is concerned; and stress is the core of this root. Based on my clinical observation, all physical symptoms are reflections of emotional and spiritual imbalance. You might claim that your case is an exception. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions based on my clinical experience! You can choose a bandaging approach to focus on chasing physical symptoms. However, the symptoms usually come back when you encounter a stressful life situation. The only way to get long-lasting results is engaging in “dirty work” to uproot the real cause that is psychological in nature.

Negative emotions such as anger, resentment, guilt, regret, and grief, etc. are usually buried deep in the subconscious level. Because of that, most people would deny the existence of these negative emotions and their effects on their physical condition. This may hold you back in your business success, prosperity path, and personal relationships, and exhibit stubborn physical symptoms.

Once you deal with the real causes with the help of an experienced, spiritually-oriented therapist, you will learn to have a different outlook on the life event you went through with the “wrong doers.”  When you are able to understand, accept, forgive and release, all sorts of physical and psychological issues dissipate. Your prayers, affirmations, meditation, EFT, or any other techniques would also become more effective.

Therefore, the simple solutions to improve your immune system and get rid of all kinds of allergic reactions in your life are removing both physical and mental toxins. Be aware, “simple” may not be “easy.”  That is why most people will choose an easy way out: focusing on chasing physical symptoms only. The choice is yours. It’s your body and your life. Just know that whatever your choice is, you need to take consequences for it!

Dr. Juliet Tien (Dr. J) has more than four decade of clinical experience helping people from all walks of life, across many continents, to remove both physical and emotional toxins, and heal their physical and psychological wounds. For a free gift of 10-Minute Meditation to Reduce Day to Day Stress, please click the following link: http://drjshealthybmi_7.gr8.com

For more information, please call (213) 489-1712, or (818) 472-2213; or visit: http://www.HealthyBody-HealthyMind-HealthyIncome.com. Like us on Facebook: www.fb.com/likedrj