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Why Malta / Why Now?

By Johanna Carroll


Malta is an archipelago of three islands 60 miles south of Sicily. It is known for the oldest goddess temples on earth and home to the first oracle. People came here long ago even before the pyramids existed. The temples are national treasures honoring the divine feminine goddess energy. It is a country filled with great weather, food and the genuine warmth of the Maltese people.

I lived for several years in Sedona, Arizona which is a spiritual destination for many people whom I had the pleasure to meet. I feel that being in the heart of a sacred site changes your life. I started taking groups of people to sacred sites around the world about 15 years ago. Each time I came home something amazing would occur in my everyday but not ordinary life. Likewise, it would make my heart sing when someone reported back to me a life-changing occurrence after one of our retreats together. One of these tours was to Malta.  

I sat on the island of Comino in 2009 and gazed into the waters of the Blue Lagoon. I felt something shift inside of me and gently closed my eyes dropping deeper into my meditation. I had a vision of fallen goddess temples beneath the sea in the crystal blue waters.

I swam in my mind’s eye from temple to temple searching for some answers. This is amazing I thought. I believed there were temples here that had dropped into the sea! What hidden wisdom was beneath the surface waiting to be discovered another day? I knew then I would return to Malta sometime in the future with a new group of seekers.

A spiritual journey, in my humble opinion, should be personal and unique just like your relationship with the Universe. Beyond historical data, the sacred mysteries reveal gently to each soul in divine timing. I like to have a pure experience when journeying to sacred sites because I don’t want anything from the outside world clouding my psychic sight. I let the spirit of the elements teach me. I read very little until after I come home.

Why Malta and why now?

A number of months ago, I had a dream about three etheric goddesses rising to the surface of the Blue Lagoon on Comino Island with a golden crown held in their hands between them. I knew it was my calling to return to the waters of Malta and discover more hidden wisdom rising to the surface in this ancient archipelago and its mystical goddess temples. I called Vanda Osmon, owner of Joy Travel, who has been doing sacred site journey work for over 35 years.She created my last tour to Malta with a group of open-minded souls in 2009. ”Vanda I think it’s time to go back to Malta,” I said.

I shared my dream vision and we decided it was time to offer a new unique historical tour and spiritual retreat in May 2015. A few days later she called and said she had found some exciting news. “We know Malta was once a large land mass that broke apart. Maybe it is possible when the islands were formed, some of these ancient temples fell into the water like you saw in 2009.” She went on to tell me about a recent discovery of new underwater caves. This was a great second kick in the butt from the Universe to get going and create an amazing program.

Something magical is waiting for us in Malta. More sacred information is rising to the surface daily. Each generation of our spiritual evolution reveals sacred teachings that help, heal and inspire. We must embrace a radical change to fulfill the ancient prophecies.

You are being called by the hierarchy of the goddesses.

Merge with the Divine Feminine energies to shake up this world to a higher state of peace and healing. You know it has to start with you. We have created a ten-day historical tour and retreat to Malta for women only and invite you to join us in May of 2015. Our tour is called The Goddess Water Temple Initiation Tour and Retreat.

For further information and slide show, visit: http://www.johannacarroll.comContact: Johanna Carroll / High Priestess Wisdom Tours USA (760) 891-0227, email: johanna@johannacarroll.com or call Vanda Osmon /Joy Travel  USA (800) 569-5010, email: Vanda-joy@sbcglobal.net