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Moving Beyond the Grief of Losing a Loved One

By Tim Braun

It is inevitable that at some time in our lives we will experience loss. We may lose a beloved spouse or parent, a precious child, a treasured sibling or a cousin, a wonderful friend or an adored pet. And we can never be fully prepared for it. The grief will shake us to our core, confuse us, shock us, depress us and make us question our existence. But does it have to crush our spirit? No! We can get through this difficult time and move beyond our grief and even thrive.

How we go through the grief process is as unique as we are and we must all find the path that works for us. From rituals, bereavement groups, therapy sessions and alternative paths like going to a Spiritual Medium, a hypnotherapist or a healer. They all can help. But it takes time to heal. Don’t rush it. The key is to move through our grief and honor our path along the way.

The first step to understand is that when we lose a loved one, our lives change. After the shock, confusion, and deep sadness start to lift as we go through the grief process, there can be rejuvenation. But it is important to accept that you are in a new reality. Life looks different now. There is a new relationship with your loved one and yourself.

You will never “get over” the loss. This is an experience that will live with you for the rest of your life. But you can take this difficult time and create a positive outcome. You can find a way to put your loss and the memory of your loved in a special place in your heart that you carry with you from this moment on. If you try to just “get over it” the grief process could be a much longer, arduous one, and the healing a much bigger hill to climb.

To move beyond your grief can be a journey of self-discovery — to see yourself and your life in a new way. But, the way to move through and beyond the grief process requires that you are open and that you take action.

4 Steps Toward Moving Beyond Your Grief


We can’t control the fact that we’ve lost someone we love. And we can’t bring them back. But we can move forward into a more peaceful state of being. Surrendering is letting go of the pain so you can live in the present. Whenever you feel that wave of grief, surrender to it. When you’re overwhelmed surrender in your mind’s eye. Say, “I surrender.” 

Forgive Yourself

You may have guilt around your loved one’s death. You may feel responsible, blaming yourself for not doing enough. We must remember that this was their life’s path. To move through the grief it is important to forgive yourself so you can free yourself to heal.

Connect with Your Loved One

If you are open to the idea that their spirit is alive, there are several ways to connect with your loved one. Going to a Spiritual Medium is a great way to do that. Many have found solace in the messages they receive from their loved one on the “other side.” You can also connect with them on your own, in your daily life. The key is to send them love and light energy. As you heal yourself through the grieving process you may find a deeper connection to your loved one.


There is nothing more powerful we can do than meditation. It quiets the mind, energizes the soul and creates a more peaceful state of being. It can be the anchor that gets you through your day. Find a meditation that works for you, and practice it every day even if it is for a few minutes.

The grief you are experiencing does ease with time. Take all the time you need to get through this life challenge. Be gentle with yourself. Surround yourself with positive, loving people and great experiences. You may find that your heart has opened to a wonderful new life as you carry the memory of your loved one forever.

Tim Braun is an International medium and has conducted over 13,000 sittings over the past twenty years. He currently lives in Orange County, CA and is a graduate of the University of Southern California, where he earned a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies. He has been lecturing and reading for private clients for more than twenty years, appeared on radio shows throughout the world. Hollywood celebrities, renowned athletes, and corporate leaders have embraced him. Tim has appeared on the TLC network television show, Sin City Rules. Visit: http://www.TimBraun.net