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Never Old

Tips for Keeping Mind & Body Young

By Jesse Anson Dawn

Jesse Anson Dawn (accurately photographed at age 68), author of the national award-winning book Never “Old,” plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to personally control the unwanted effects of “aging.”

Presently answering the question:

“Dear Jesse, I always find your Awareness columns to be wonderfully revealing. Can you share some more of your potent insights about protecting ourselves by what we eat?”

Dear Readers,

Yes indeed, Chapter 7 of my recently-published book, The New Era of Consciousness, is titled: The Life and ((Earth-Preserving)), New Era Diet, and it begins by quoting Alan Watts, a truly enlightening author who, quite clearly, reminds us of this important fact:

“How ironical it is that we are fed by a food industry that, for the most part, cares very little about our health, and then doctored by a healthcare industry that, mainly for profit-based reasons, cares very little about what food we eat.”

All of which is an [Old Era] situation generated by massive amounts of advertising, whereby the beneficial effects of healthy food are [[overshadowed]] by the sales-pitch of [vastly unregulated], pharmaceutical corporations.

Also, the meat industry has an enormous influence on what is supposedly the “standard” diet, whereby “mainstream” humanity has been programmed to believe this continually widespread misconception:

“Vegetarians are weaker and have less energy than meat eaters.”

But to accurately dispute that erroneous belief, I will point out some basic, Nature-proven facts of life:

First of all, if vegetarians are truly weaker (and less energetic) than meat eaters, then why are some of the strongest, quickest and most lively animals sustained by plant-based diets, mammals such as horses, zebras and antelope?

Also, in regard to the longevity factor, the longest living mammal is the hugely strong elephant, a strictly vegetarian being that lives (seven to eight times longer))))))) than carnivores such as house cats, dogs, lions and tigers.

And along with that true-to-life reality, be aware that fruits and vegetables digest in about an hour, while meat takes four or five hours to fully digest, which is mainly why (strictly meat-eating) animals do so much sleeping, because the intensity of the digestion process consumes a lot of their energy.

And as to the human realm, of the 18 most decorated Olympic stars, 12 of them won their medals while being vegetarians — a list of people that includes world renown tennis stars, Serena and Venus Williams, along with the legendary Olympian sprinters, Carl Lewis and Edwin Moses. (Note): both of the Williams sisters have been (consistently) winning worldwide, top-level tennis championships for over a decade.

Oh yes, there’s nothing like true-to-life facts to remedy the [negative influences] spread by widely believed fallacies about food, especially when it comes to realizing the (actual)))) effects of what we eat.

Also, there’s a common belief that a vegetarian diet lacks (bone-strengthening) calcium, a widely advertised notion that has pharmaceutical companies steadily pushing calcium-supplying capsules. But as to keeping a bone-strengthening supply of calcium in your diet, be very careful about overdosing on calcium supplements, because worldwide studies reveal that taking an excess of  those capsules can, quite dangerously, clog-up bloodstream flow, and thereby cause heart attacks. Therefore, to avoid what could be life-threatening artery clogging, your calcium needs can be healthfully fulfilled by nutritious foods such as cabbage, broccoli, potatoes and bananas (to name a few).

Okay then, dear reader, I will now wrap up this (brief report about dietary truisms) with this verse from what I call ((PERCEPTION-EXPANDING)) POETRY, a (hopefully absorbing))) and (safely digestible) little poem of mine that says basically this:      

To avoid [pesticides] and

[genetically modified] food,

eat what is organic and 

wholesomely good,

Because food is a friend

that we can’t leave for long,

so it should be a companion

that won’t do us wrong,

And if you have a yard,

perhaps the time has arrived,

to make a garden that helps

you and yours survive,

a place where ((fresh))-food

is ((ceaselessly growing)),

blessed by the cultivation

that keeps it all ((flowing)),

A labor of love that feeds

both body and soul,

as being Earth-FRIENDLY

is a ((LIFE-SAVING))) goal...

“Youthman Messenger” Jesse will answer any questions (about REAL rejuvenation and ((protection-energy)) by emailing Also, by typing Jesse Anson Dawn into the (book-search window), you can receive his uniquely beneficial, new book, THE NEW ERA OF CONSCIOUSNESS: A Truly Transformative Journey Into Self-Healing, Rejuvenation and ((Protection Energy)). Or you can have a bookstore order it via iUniverse Publications.