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Feng Shui Concepts

Nine Star Forecast for 2014, the Year of the Horse

By Jenny T Liu, M.A.

One of the highest and most effective levels of practicing feng shui is the Nine Star System. Knowing how to interpret these charts allows us to forecast annual influences on global, regional, and personal levels, helping us to prevent and minimize problems and focus our efforts on reaching our goals.

Each of the Nine Stars has myriad associations, including numerology, compass directions, the five elements, personality traits, economic sectors, family roles, and anatomy. Currently, we are at the 10th year in 20-year Period 8, which spans from 2004-2023. Period 8 falls within the 60-year Grand Era, comprised of Periods 7, 8, and 9. Thus, Stars 7, 8 and 9 are said to be in sync and have a more powerful effect than Stars 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, which are currently out of sync.

The following is a preview of the Nine Star energies for our homes and offices in 2014. Please be aware that this forecast is not a substitute for a personal feng shui consultation based on your unique circumstances.

Center — 4, 9, 8

The center Stars provide an overview of the prevailing energy for our homes and offices in 2014. More people will be traveling for work and going back to school. This new social exposure could bring more colds or sexual ailments. Women are key contributors to wealth. The internet supports the growth of small and home based businesses — especially for younger generations who are technology savvy. Place art of a golden red dragon to bring good reputation and success in the center room.

East — 2, 2, 6

Minimize the use of the east room and door as ailment energies can disrupt the liver, arms, and legs. Be aware of conflicts between males and females, especially mother and eldest son. Symbolizing endurance and overcoming obstacles, a pair of elephants facing east balances these energies.

North — 9, 4, 4

Those in the north room enjoy celebration, marriage, and pregnancy. Place fluorite crystals to activate growth, promotion, new job, and licensing. The north direction is associated with the Rat zodiac, which directly opposes the annual Horse year energy. Persons born under the Rat and Horse should avoid being in the north and facing north.

South — 8, 5, 3

Wealth, helpful people, and success — especially related to real estate businesses — are activated by the red color this year for those with a south door or office. Eldest sons need to be aware of fighting or complaints. Sleeping in the south room, pay attention to health — especially related to the liver, arms, and legs. The south direction is associated with the annual energy of the Horse. Rat persons should avoid facing south.

Southeast — 3, 1, 7

Masculine wood Star 3 pairs well with the feminine wood energies of the southeast. Using images of water enhances romance and partnership in the southeast room. Be aware that love can come in the form of tempting distractions.

Southwest — 1, 3, 5

For businesses with a southwest facing door, water Star 1 arrives to give the female boss a boost in reputation and income. It is important to be cautious of tricky people and pay attention to health issues related to the reproductive system. The energy of live and growing green plants releases obstacles and challenges in the southwest room.

Northwest — 5, 8, 9

Those in the northwest room could be more vulnerable to harm, troublemakers, or illness. Avoid creating strong vibrations and ground breaking in this area. Fortunately, Stars 8 and 9 bring increased income and growth. Keep the northwest room peaceful by placing a pair of guardian lions facing northwest and ring a gong five times to clear Star 5.

West — 6, 7, 1

Metal Star 6 enters the metal energies of the west direction. Too much metal is a clash of swords that brings the tension of confrontations and competition. If you have a master bedroom in the west sector, be aware of greed and temptation as Stars 7 and 1 can create lust and female ambition. Use earthy colors and mountain landscapes to bring calmness and stability to this room.

Northeast — 7, 6, 2

Star 7 brings motivation and wealth to the northeast room. Stars 6 and 2 form energies of marriage, partnership, and teamwork. Activate this with citrine crystals that enhance abundance.

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Master Jenny Liu holds a BA in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and an MA in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in feng shui who shares her knowledge through seminars, periodicals, and the internet. For more information please see, or call Jenny at (626) 272-4901.