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Book Reviews

By Sonia von Matt Stoddard


From Extreme Sports to Indigenous Cultures Discovering the Power of the Feminine

By Jan Reynolds

Forced out of the fraternal order of adventurers after giving birth to a child, the author found herself as an adventurer without her (mostly male) ex-companions. At this point, not willing to give up her high altitudes, ski competitions, diving expeditions and more, she began to assemble a post-partum plan, which included a mountain bike trip in the backcountry of the Czech Republic, with baby, on the back of a specially-designed trailer.

During this, at first, rebellious project, she received an amazing revelation. For the most part of her life she had admired men for their accomplishments. She suddenly realized that she had the same motivation, sense of daring and physical prowess. With her natural focus on being faster and stronger, she realized the power of her inner feminine strength. This book is full of her adventures along the way.

Published by Inner Traditions Publishing, this book is available at your local bookstore or


Women’s Spiritual Power and How It Serves

By Hilary Hart

Our world systems, our health and vitality, and the earth’s balance all depend on the collective living power of women; however, many women aren’t doing their part because they don’t understand how their power works and differs from that of men.

And, while we may have a sense of this power, most of us do not yet trust it.

Women need to reclaim aspects of their nature, reclaim and honor our position in the world, while ducking the distractions and derailments that always seem to be in the way. This book is a way for women to gain support and confidence by exposure to teachers, visionaries and healers about women’s esoteric spiritual and physical needs. If we can acknowledge that the new times call for new attitudes and approaches, here is a resource prepared to show us the way.

Published by O-Books, this book is available at your local bookstore or


7 Powerful Steps Women Can Take Today to Reclaim Their Half of the Universe

By Amanda Owen

Women’s quest for a balanced life collides with a culture that has us convinced that pleasing others is more important than paying attention to our own needs. We are more comfortable in the role of caregiver, and we neglect the fact that we can not serve others if we can not learn to serve ourselves first.

From this day forward, I’m committing to a complaint fast, instead of a food diet. I am sending Cinderella to rehab and for one day a week and, from time-to-time, I will ask someone else to help me, instead of the other way around! 

This book is filled with new ideas and a radically different approach to achieving your goals, reducing stress and creating better health and happiness by using the power that already belongs to you.

Published by Tarcher/Penguin, this book is available at your local bookstore or


A Restless Soul, A Search for Meaning, and A Bond That Nothing Could Break

A memoir by Kathy Eldon 

While searching for answers to the question of whether she was responsible for her twenty-two-year-old son’s death by stoning in Mogadishu, the author did not find the ultimate answer to her initial crusade, but rather was able to give it an astonishing new force, and turn it into an exciting journey. The angry mob ended her artist and photojournalist son’s life, but she was able to find his pending works and pursue the gripping stories in a very colorful and intriguing way. Starting with a move from England to Kenya in 1977, this is a compelling and exciting story about a different world and lifestyle, pushing boundaries of “normal” and ending in tragedy, mixed with survival. The global Creative Visions Foundation, keeps alive her son’s spirit by helping artists around the world shine a light on social injustices around the world.

Published by HarperOne, this book is available at your local bookstore or


Discovering the Power of Listening to Your Own Heart

(Includes “Love Yourself” CD)

By Linda Newlin

“Moyo” means Heart in Swahili and can also mean Life and Spirit. The author suggests that when you begin to read this book you bring your curiosity, courage, and compassion as well as your favorite beverage; however, there is no suitcase necessary for Inner Travel.

The journey here is about learning how to listen and heal that which is not working in your life, so you can end your suffering and truly express your whole self and shine to ignite the entire world. It contains illustrations and exercises for accomplishing all the steps toward these goals.

Includes music, along with poems and lyrics on the Love Yourself CD, as well as a URL for an mp3 download, so you can take it with you.

Published by Luna Madre Publishing, this book is available at your local bookstore or