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Getting Real in the New Year
Tools for Navigating 2014

By Susan Miller

Each New Year is precious, filled with promise, opportunity, and time to make solid progress on our greatest dreams. The coming year offers that, but it’s a year that will show us that we must finish up loose ends before we start work on all things new.

We all want to hear that the New Year will be the right time to instantly start new ventures. Don’t be disappointed that 2014 will have a slow pacing at the start. I find it exciting to know we’ll have a chance to streamline our projects and improve our relationships to make them more successful. I love the idea of polishing up a manuscript, reassessing a business venture, or seeing if I can mend a relationship, to name a few possibilities, but the point is, in 2014 we will get a chance to look over past decisions and to strategize about how we can better achieve our goals.

All planets retrograde, which means they rest. When they do, we are left to do our best without these planets’ direct support. The planets we notice in a big way when in retrograde are those that orbit closest to earth, the “personal planets” of Mercury, Venus and Mars. The large outer planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, all retrograde for 4 to 5 months at a time, and exert a more muted effect than the personal planets do. The Sun — our star at the center of our solar system — never goes retrograde, nor does the earth’s satellite, the moon.

The first half of 2014 brings many retrograde planets, giving the year a gentle, reflective start. As delays crop up and schedules are rearranged, you may welcome the time to think and get organized. By mid-July, the sky will brighten. With the exception of October 4 to 21 (when Mercury will be retrograde a third and last time) we will have an open road to launch new projects, and be confident it will be the right time to do so.

In the meantime, we will have nearly seven months to improve, solidify, or find closure on ventures/relationships that were started in 2013, or in years earlier. If an undertaking or alliance seems not to be worth your time and attention, you may cut your losses, move on, and start anew. In a way, 2014 will officially start in mid-July, the point of the year when you will have a fresh canvas to paint your dreams upon.

We hear a lot about politicians’ proclivity for “kicking the tin can down the road,” but in a year like 2014, we will see that we can’t allow this to go on. Practicality will rule. This year may require a short period of facing facts and dealing with consequences, but once we do, we will feel relieved, liberated, and filled with vigor. Rather than a year of creating grand visions, 2014 will be a year to scale visions within realistic perimeters that can be achieved within a given time frame and budget.

Let’s have a look at the specific months that the personal planets will spin backwards and what this portends.

When Venus, planet of love and beauty, retro-grades (Dec 21 to Jan 31), do not schedule plastic surgery. Avoid buying Venus-ruled items: perfume, makeup, designer clothes, or jewels, and don’t make a radical change in hairstyle or color. Men, that includes beards… do not start to grow a beard and do not shave it. Both genders can conduct regular grooming, of course, but avoid any big makeovers — Venus rules good looks.

When Mercury, the planet of communication and negotiation retrogrades, (typically three times a year (February 7 to 28, June 7 to July 1, and October 4 to 25 in 2014), sign no contracts nor make major decisions, commitments, announcements or actions. Your priorities will be in flux, so wait until the road ahead becomes clear. Don’t act quickly, even if under pressure to do so.

When Mars is retrograde (March 1 to May 19), Mars becomes lackadaisical, so it is the wrong time to start a business. Think of Mars as a booster rocket to your dearest dreams, for Mars can push your endeavors into the stratosphere. Mars in direct orbit will give you a fiercely competitive spirit that you’ll need to stand out. It is just as well Mars is out of phase at this time, for April brings two challenging eclipses on April 15 and 29, and both eclipses will test the validity of our previous choices.

After that, Mercury will retrograde June 7 to July 1. You can’t plan actions for the first week of July, for cosmic storms are due to roll in, making it unwise to start a new undertaking. As you see the universe is putting up roadblocks to force us to stop, look and listen.

By slowing down in the first part of 2014, you can review and reflect on decisions you made that brought you to the place you stand today. You can now make adjustments if necessary, and to see how to build a bigger platform to showcase your professional talents.

It is also a year to ask, “What am I willing to give or do to achieve a loving relationship or to become outstandingly successful in my career?” This year, career and relationships are achieved the old fashioned way—by having realistic and practical expectations, keeping your heart open and loving, and by always keeping alive your wonderfully optimistic attitude. Everything is possible.

Happy New Year!

Susan Miller is the founder of the highly-acclaimed
Visit her website to order her 2014 calendars and phone apps.

Susan will be conducting a workshop at the Conscious Life Expo on Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014.
For more info and tickets, visit: