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Voices of Hope

By Audrey Hope


Her ReEvolution
Her salvation resides in knowing the path.
She must profoundly understand her road.
If you could tell her
The truth of her journey,
The reason she travels,
And where she is going,
Her painsteps would have meaning.
And she’d want the shoes.
All women move around
In a circle of return.
A journey wheel back to empowered self love.
And this is her real revolution,
Her inner ride.
She cannot escape.
She cannot get off.
Her destination is always the same
goddess initiation
to lose herself to find herself to never lose again.
Cruxification to resurrection to power.
A ring of re’s to remember, recover, rebirth,
A wheel of revelation, redemption, resurgence.
And so it goes,
She turns.
Turn One — RE-CORD — her loss of self is activated around age 5 by criticism, lack of unconditional love. Her pain is stamped.
Turn Two — RE-BOUND — her young self finds a way to cope with the loss of the soul. She thinks it is her fault. She learns that love is conditional. She begins to adapt and hide her real self.
Turn Three — RE-PEAT — through circumstances and people she lives out her original wound over and over again. Life begins to have painful themes and patterns.
Turn Four — RE-TRACTION — she feels hopeless. She wants to give up. In the dark night of her soul she is forced to her knees in despair. She must find the courage to face her demons.
TURN FIVE — RE-FLECT / RE-VIEW — there is some light. On her knees she begins to look up. She seeks help to solve the riddle of her soul. She is challenged to know a higher perspective to transcend the pain.
TURN SIX — RE-COVER —. She explores the way out by learning to love herself first. She can make a powerful decision to change.
Turn SEVEN — RESURRECTION — like the phoenix who rises from the ashes, she has blossomed into a queen. In her revolution she discovers her divine marriage— her true self to her power.
All women move around,
In a circle of return,
A journey wheel back to empowered self love.
The mission is called the “Sovereignty of the Self”
And all women must know it by name.

Audrey Hope is a spiritual counselor and host/producer of REAL WOMEN, an international award-winning talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives. Visit: www.hopesrealwomen.com