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Spiritual Cuisine... Digesting Life

By Vaishali, Author of “Wisdom Rising”


Most people think of the digestive process as something limited to the foods and liquids we stuff into our mouths daily. However, digestion is best understood as a metaphor for life. According to the Eastern systems of self-healing, our entire body is an aggregate of different types of digestive intelligences. For example, our eyes digest light waves so we can make perceptual sense of our world. Our ears digest sound waves so we may enjoy our favorite music, (or get indigestion from listening to our windows vibrate from secondhand rap blaring from a car three blocks away). When we touch one another, our hands digest intimate contact through the tactile feeling feedback system. There is a reason for this conglomerate of digestive efforts. That is because, as Eastern philosophies say, everything we encounter is a form of food; Divine Love and Wisdom has accessorized our human experience with a myriad of assorted digestive skills, so we might get the most from the nurturing sustenance of life as it is offered to us in its entirety. We are literally digesting our lives. What digesting your life in practical everyday terms means, is that every thought, feeling, experience, emotion, etc., that touches our lives, is a form of food (since “Man does not live by bread alone”). So let’s eat! The first thing we have to be able to do with our food is…. we have to be able to swallow it. Then we need to be able to stomach it. Once we’ve got it down, we need to pull from these forms of food what enhances us, makes us stronger, wiser, more loving, healthier, balanced people. Finally, we need to be able to let the rest go - to recognize and release the waste in our lives, for what it is. Now that we have the food part down, let’s move on to the main course, the meaty metaphor. The Eastern self-healing philosophies really want you to understand that your thoughts, emotions, perceptions and experiences travel through your digestive tract in the identical fashion as the physical food you eat… because IT IS a form of food - a non-physical form of food. If you take something in, mentally or emotionally, and you do not release whatever part of that process contains the waste, you are still carrying that around in your body. So, how much of what we give our attention to, and how much of what we feel about life, can we really swallow, stomach, and convert into life sustaining energy?? We do it with our awareness. When we find ourselves giving our attention to worry, or some other inner dialogue about how we do not have enough time, love, money or opportunity, do we ever question that food? Do we stop and ask ourselves, “Is that really what we want to feed ourselves? Did we come to planet Earth and take a body so we could swallow that garbage?” What is the Divine plan behind feeding ourselves a daily critical diet of “didn’t do it right” and “not good enough” tasteless morsels? Bet you can’t eat just one! In other words, how much of the time, when we find ourselves giving our attention to limiting things, do we realize we are actually feeding ourselves refuse, and how much of the time are we just mindlessly taking it in as something that has value and legitimate meaning in our lives?
If you find yourself consuming mass quantities of negativity, in the same way the Coneheads consumed beer and chips, there is a digestive remedy. Stop! Recognize what you are giving your attention to, and choose something else. Giving your attention to what is unlimiting will always purify the poison. When you give your attention to what is unlimiting, the emotional, mental and physical bodies will immediately recognize what needs to be discarded, and what needs to be taken deeper to sustain life. Do you ever wonder why the body holds onto some forms of waste and toxins and releases others? Ever wonder why it is some people can eat foods that make others ill? How can that happen? The truth is, digestion is a metaphor, as well as a physically-based reality. How well our body is (or is not) digesting food is a reflection of the bigger picture: how well are we digesting our lives - our thoughts, our emotions, our experiences and our perceptions. What toxic energy are we holding onto perceptually and emotionally, that our bodies, by way of disease and illness, are reflecting back to us? What are we inviting ourselves to let go of internally - psychologically and physiologically? What is it that our bodies cannot separate from, because the mind has formed an attachment to? In the flow of life, what are we holding onto, because we do not understand what is enhancing and what is diminishing? What are we eating versus what is eating us? What are we mindlessly consuming, and what are we consuming mindfully? In the same way the brain digests our thoughts and beliefs, and the nervous system digests what we feel on a tactile level, our internal organs, in addition to having physical food-related function, also digest our emotions. According to the Eastern system of medicine, each internal organ has a specific emotional food digestive/transformative process.
For example, the stomach, spleen, and pancreas digest anxiety, worry, and nervousness. That is why we get “butterflies” in the stomach when anticipating or perceiving something that involves stress. The liver and gallbladder take on anger, rage, envy, and frustration. The heart and small intestines digest impatience, and the kidneys and bladder deal with fear and terror. The lungs and large intestines have the task of breaking down loneliness, sadness and grief, as well as low self-esteem issues and a feeling of worthlessness. This is how one begins to unravel the unresolved unconscious issues in life.. Look at the body’s health. What organs are stressed? Where is the weak link in the chain? There you will discover the undigested systemic problems in your life. So the next time your find yourself hungry for any aspect of life, take a deep breath; focus on what is most life enhancing; only eat at fine-dining estabishments, and be sure to read a menu first. Assess your choices, and most of all… try not to eat what’s sitting out back in the garbage cans. But if you do, learn to let it go! Happy releasing!

Vaishali is the author of “Wisdom Rising” and “You Are What You Love.” She is also a natural health and wellness practitioner and radio host of “You Are What You Love” heard weekly on KTLK 1150am, Sunday 11-noon PST in greater LA and Santa Barbara and live streamed at www.purplev.com Vaishali learned to transform her life from the threat of two terminal disease diagnoses, domestic abuse and financial devastation. Completely recovered, she shares her wisdom at www.purplev.com or email press@purplev.com .

See Vaishali live Jan. 31 at The Bodhi Tree in West Hollywood, 3-5pm.