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Put Healing in the Hands of Our Children

By M. Darren Gregor


We’ve all heard about the evolution of gifted children coming onto the planet - the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children. This phenomenon raises the question: what if any or all of our children could raise their consciousness and expand their natural abilities to connect more fully to themselves, others and the universe? A new class from The Reconnection, called Reconnective Kids! is beginning to make this possible. In this revolutionary new course, children from ages 4 -14 walk into a room with normal abilities and walk out with the expanded capacity to heal themselves and others.
Reconnective Healing is a form of healing being utilized for the very first time. It reconnects us to the fullness of the universe as it unites us to the wholeness of our beings. Using an entirely new bandwidth of healing frequencies, it helps us to connect to the universe on powerful and expansive new levels. The reality of its existence has demonstrated itself clearly in practice as well as in university and research laboratories worldwide. With Reconnective Healing, we now have the possibility of bringing healing into our lives on so many levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and more. The Reconnection has a rich history of offering these seminars worldwide for adults who want to learn how to master this extraordinary work. Now for the first time, they are teaching children through fun and engaging workshops that are age-appropriate. When children experience healing and empowering work in these “play-shops,” they literally gain new abilities and sensibilities that will help them to access a more comprehensive form and meaning of health. Reconnective Kids! workshops enlighten children about the energetic world around them, taking them from what they already know and have experienced, to new levels of understanding that can be used for play, learning and healing on all levels. Through hands-on (and hands-off) games, they are guided through activities and explorations that teach them to learn, feel, find and play with tangible Reconnective Healing Frequencies. They then learn how to use these frequencies to help bring about the possibility of healing on many levels - heart, mind, body and soul - to their family, friends, pets and plants, and most importantly, to themselves. According to Holly Hawkins, a California public school educator and an experienced Reconnective Healing Practitioner who co-developed this program, “the expressions of surprise and excitement on the faces of the kids when they first experience the Reconnective Frequencies are only matched by their enthusiastic exclamations of ‘wow,’ ‘I can feel it,’ ‘it feels like sparkles in my hand,’ or ‘I feel heat in my hand, and it feels big!’ Most children walk into a class with open minds and a lack of fear that allows them to immediately jump right into the experience.” During the workshop, each child takes turns working at the massage tables with their “clients” (other children in the class). As they each interact with the frequencies and their clients, their excitement grows and they begin to see physical manifestations, or “registers,” such as mild twitching or fluttering of the eyes, indicating the frequencies are having some type of healing effect. While lying on a table, or doing work on themselves, some children report having physical or emotional healings, while others describe seeing multi-colored lights during their sessions or feeling an overwhelming sense of peace and joy. The cornerstone of the Reconnective Kids! program is about learning self-healing. After discovering how to consciously interact with the Reconnective Frequencies, they’re taken through a guided portion of the class in which they learn how to spend time with the frequencies, on their own, allowing them to manifest healing on many levels. It is a deeply empowering experience for these amazing children to tangibly experience the Reconnective Frequencies in creating union with each other, the planet and the Universe. Classes for the youngest children are designed as a parent/child experience in which the parent participates with the child so they can help reinforce and extend the child’s learning experience after completion of the workshop. Each child receives a workbook, complete with color photos, which goes through the main points of the course so that they can continue to practice and use their newly-acquired skills at home. The goal of the Reconnective Kids! workshop is to enhance, empower and enliven the life of each child who participates. At this time, the goal is not to have children become practitioners, but for them to attain an expanded view of life; with an enhanced ability to positively impact themselves and others by interacting in new ways with the seen and unseen. Not every child is born with the highly-evolved abilities of an Indigo Child. But now it is possible for any child to take a quantum leap forward in expanding consciousness, creativity and confidence simply by participating in one transformational workshop.

To learn more about Reconnective Kids! and the Reconnective Healing seminars, call (323) 960-0012 or visit www.TheReconnection.com