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Product Review


Spiritual Guidebook for Contemplation and Prayer
By Pamela Wells

Many people are now finding meaning in their lives by turning to contemplative forms of knowing and higher learning. This Collector’s set includes 22 oversized, gold-framed Affirmation Cards for prayer and meditation, a 120-page spiritual Guidebook and Wisdom Prayer Guide. This boxed collection is a powerful tool for the journey to greater self-knowledge, understanding and awareness. Women and spiritual seekers of any age will enjoy the way these beautiful goddess art cards honor the feminine way of learning through creativity and inner vision. Pamela Wells, the artist and author, is committed to communicating a message of love, joy and hope through her inspirational visions and wisdom. Her website offers a line of beautiful goddess art and a preview of the cards to read online. Her goddess illustrations on each card are quite beautiful, making the guidebook and Affirmation Card set a pleasure to use as a daily practice for deeper spiritual contemplation and guidance. For even more clarification, Wells has added applicable quotations form many spiritual and religious traditions that demonstrate universal power and relevance.

Published by Artmagic Publishing, the set and other goddess products are available at www.artmagicpublishing.com
Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis