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Knights in Shining Armor

By Mystic Trish


The way of the spiritual warrior is a challenging one, especially for a woman. A woman traditionally has not put on a suit of armor and gone off to war.. In the past few weeks this has come to my attention because I have had a suit of armor, a letter referencing a suit of armor, and a magazine article with a woman in a suit of armor on the cover, all delivered to my house. So it had me musing upon the way of the female warrior. If we look back in history we have very strong female warriors in our myths and legends. Today many women look to early pagan archetypes for inspiration in the area of women’s spirituality and a warrior’s path. Athena for instance was born from her father’s head, fully armored and ready for battle. Her symbol is an olive branch for peace and sustenance, yet she carried a sword when she had to do battle. Freya of the Norse tradition was Queen of the Valkeries. She enjoyed first pick of the fallen warriors after a battle, but she was also the Goddess of love. She shows the belief that the other side of death is life. I believe that is what the Way of the Warrior is for women in today’s world. She has an understanding about bringing life into this world so she is not so cavalier about taking it out of this world. Yet having said that when it is necessary to do so she will. This shocks some people. It upsets their long-held beliefs about a woman’s place in the world. There is another way of being a warrior and that is to use other weapons such as words and actions that are not directly violent. One such warrior is Ayaan Hirsi Ali who has been living under a death threat for several years. She is an author who lives in the Netherlands far from her birthplace in Somalia. She writes about women’s rights and a need for the world to change its attitude about women’s rights no matter the religion or tradition. In countries where a woman has to wear a veil, and honor killings and genital mutilation are accepted, this woman writes books and screen plays to bring the light of truth and knowledge to bear against the ignorance and brutality.. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Woman Warrior. Aung san Suu Kyi of Burma is another Woman Warrior. She is under house arrest in Burma by a hostile military regime. Winner of the Nobel peace prize and the rightful elected leader of her country, she is not allowed any personal freedom. Yet she continues to fight for democracy and human rights. She is a Woman Warrior. There are many women in the military putting on modern armor and going into battle. Likewise, many women in fire departments and police departments are putting on armor and doing battle every day. They are Woman Warriors. There is a woman in California who was a victim of domestic abuse and took all the right steps legally and ethically to ensure justice was done to the abuser. She found out that the laws regarding restraining orders are inadequate. She has now taken it upon herself to change those laws so women and children, no matter their circumstances, are protected from their abuser. She is a Woman Warrior. I mention these women who are just a few of the Woman Warriors on the planet at this time. With the rising wave of Sacred Feminine energy there is a re-balancing of the relationships of all people on earth. It is not a balance that is easy to achieve. As the women on this planet are allowed their rights as human beings, the entire planet comes into balance with love and light for all the creatures that live here. It just might be a bit of a fight and we need our Knights in Shining Armor.© MYSTIC TRISH©

Tricia Howe is a born intuitive who started psychic training at age 15. She has over 30 years’ experience in Intuitive Counseling, Tarot, Mediumship, and Clairvoyance. Email: Mystictrish@cox.net or call (949) 493-0705.