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Intention Heals

By Adam


We are continuously making choices with every thought and intention that we create. Our awareness empowers each of us, both individually and as participants in our global community. How can we become aware of our thoughts and focus them to effectively reach self-empowerment?
Although intellectually we may accept the power of positive thinking, few of us know how to effectively maximize its potential. Positive thinking has a direct influence on our biology. We have all known people who enjoy a more fulfilling life because of their outlook. Each of us has the capacity to focus our intentions and energy to effectively harness this ability when using some guidance. To be effective, healing must happen on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Throughout our lives, we are constantly balancing and rebalancing our state of well-being. Our thoughts and how we choose to perceive them are governed by our intentions. You can always improve your health or any aspect of your life by tapping into this knowledge. Most who attend the Intention Heals events, or those who have read DreamHealer books, already understand and accept that our intentions play a major role in healing. Thousands have benefited from knowing their intentions and the intentions of those around them can influence their health. We don’t yet fully understand the mechanism but we are obviously connected through our thoughts and intentions.
As a healer, I’ve always been able to “see” subtle energy or auras, which helps me to know that all particles are fundamentally connected to everything else. What we perceive as separateness in physical terms is illusory, as we are all part of a field of information that is transmitted as energy. This is the basic premise of how distant energy healing works. The healer accesses this field of information to connect to another person and then alters their health information according to what is required. Healing can be accomplished through various types of connections and I feel/see images of interacting, vibrating frequencies connecting for healing. At all events I uniquely coordinate the energy of the group into a coherent energy for healing, that I call group healings. This allows all the participants to experience group energy treatments, which act as a jump-start to healing for many attendees. Energy medicine is not new. It is ancient wisdom appearing throughout history in every culture. For thousands of years, indigenous cultures have described the energy force of health. Somehow, vital energy was dismissed from the modern scientific model of health because it is not easily measurable or fully understood. Yet there have always been some people who were able to see, feel and know its presence. We are now at a crossroads where this ancient wisdom is becoming more mainstream. Leaders in science are discovering that we are more complex than biochemical machines. We are the senders and receivers of energy as information, which influences our health far beyond our conscious awareness. Ancient healing ideas and the practices of my Native American cultural roots have had a very profound influence on my work. I have had the privilege of participating as an invited healer in many sacred healing rituals, which have shaped my approach to energy healing. Elders, shamans and many others have taught me so many things about the aboriginal culture, ceremonies and way of life. All understand the importance of energy in life and health and how it connects everything to everything else. During my university studies in molecular biology, I was fascinated by the dynamic nature of all molecules of life. Just the smallest change in structure or orientation of a biochemical has dramatic effects on our health. Metabolism is based on enzyme activity and enzymes are directly influenced by our intentions and thoughts. You can appreciate that there is no such thing as idle or neutral thought. This should be a huge motivation for you to practice positive thoughts. Each of us has a direct control over this process through our thoughts and how we choose to perceive them. Use your focused intentions to access your innate healing potential. With some instruction, most people can more accurately see and feel this life force energy and use it in their own health and healing. Know what needs to change for your particular imbalance to be corrected efficiently. Know that metabolic processes are dynamic, allowing change to occur and then use your intentions to manifest this difference. Visualizations and guided imagery help you to maintain your focus. Life and healing are dynamic, constantly changing — rather than static, which means that there are infinite potential outcomes. And YOU can influence those outcomes as you use intentions to manifest a difference. Self-healing knowledge resonates not only in your energetic field, but also in everyone’s consciousness that you have been connected to through thought, word or deed. As we access this ability, it is amplified through our inter-connectedness. Knowing that, we have an effect on each other, the acceptance of this greater global responsibility, or global consciousness. Energy systems govern all of life. Through helping ourselves, we ultimately help everyone in our global community.

What appears to separate us is only illusionary. It follows that what we do for ourselves is ultimately what we do for everyone. Helping everyone is therefore an unavoidable outcome of truly helping ourselves.
— Adam

Adam is a Molecular Biologist, studying to become a Naturopathic Doctor, internationally-renowned energy healer, best-selling author and speaker. Adam presents the Intention Heals event in Marina Del Rey March 7, 2010. Included in this event are two unique group energy treatments for all participants. Experience self-empowerment at this life-altering event. Register at www.dreamhealer.com