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Conscious Life Expo Features Leaders in the Consciousness Movement

By Robert Quicksilver


The Conscious Life Expo, in its 8th year at the LAX Hilton, has transformed from a small regional Expo into a national and international forum addressing the significant themes of our time, including health and healing, personal transformation, the evolution of consciousness, humanity’s secret history, sustainable lifestyle, and more. Held this year on February 12, 13 and 14, with post-conference events on Monday, Feb. 15, the Conscious Life Expo has been able to maintain very low general admission and conference pricing due to the overwhelming support of the Southern California community. The Expo has acquired a reputation as being the best event of its kind in the country, serving a broad mainstream of alternative viewpoints and lifestyles. The 2010 Conscious Life Expo continues in this tradition with two hundred speakers, including Ram Dass, Debbie Ford, Gregg Braden, Zecharia Sitchin, don Miguel Ruiz, Susan Miller, Dr. Jean Houston, George Noory, Dannion Brinkley, Richard C Hoagland, David Wilcock, Judith Orloff, MD, Eric Pearl, Eva Selhub, MD, Dick Sutphen, and many more. Ram Dass, who has confined himself to his house in Hawaii, will present a live, interactive workshop with the audience in Los Angeles, entitled Being Here Now in 2010. He is particularly interested in dialoguing with the audience. Ram Dass will be speaking at 8 pm on Friday the 12th. Prior to his teleconference, a Kirtan band will perform, as was requested by Ram Dass. Debbie Ford will bring her deeply-impactful Shadow Work to the Conference with a special hosted reception and keynote workshop on Saturday at 3 pm. Titled The Shadow Effect, Debbie will show how the shadow holds the secret to our ultimate freedom. Gregg Braden, speaking on Saturday at 12 noon, has titled his keynote workshop Our Date with 2012: Fractal Time & the Secret of a New World Age. The key, he says, is “If you know where to look in the past, you’ll know what to expect when the same conditions repeat in the future.” Gregg’s workshop will be preceded by a reception. Zecharia Sitchin, grandfather of alternative earth history who introduced readers worldwide to the mysterious planet Nibiru and its inhabitants, the Anunnaki, now nearly ninety years old, will be presenting new insights into this ancient saga and how it may pertain to 2012. The title of his talk, which he says may well be his last public appearance, is The End of Days: Watching the Ticking Clock. Zecharia prefers audience interaction so there will be an extensive Q & A dialogue during his 2-hour presentation. He will be presenting new material at this extended workshop. Susan Miller, an internationally-known astrologer, author, columnist, and TV personality will be keynoting on Sunday the 14th, Valentine’s Day. Susan pens an astrology column for Elle Magazine and will present a special workshop on Love Signs for Valentine’s Day. She will also present a three-hour intensive on Monday the 15th. Jean Houston, scholar, philosopher, and visionary activist in human and cultural development, will be a keynote speaker on Sunday the 14th. The title of Dr. Houston’s talk is The Future of People, in which she will offer ways of developing our higher Humanity, and show how you can discover your future self in just 90-minutes! Special Events will include a Lunch with George Noory as a Special Tribute to his guest of honor, Zecharia Sitchin, celebrating his enormous contribution to our understanding of Earth’s ancient history with a Lifetime Achievement Award on Saturday at 12 noon. Later on Saturday afternoon, George Noory will host a Panel discussion, entitled 2012 — And Beyond. Other Panel discussions featured at this year’s Expo include a health panel: Healing with Light; a business panel: the L.A. Green Economy; a UFO panel: UFOs — The Secret History; a prophecy panel: Prophecy - Predicting the Future; and another 2012 Panel on Sunday, titled: Ascension and the Ascension Process. The Latino community, like everyone, is involved with metaphysics, healing, alternative science and progressive thought. At this year’s Expo, there is an entire Spanish language program and an entire exhibit hall dedicated to Spanish-speaking exhibitors and lecturers. Don Miguel Ruiz will keynote to the Hispanic community with a special presentation in Spanish. Don Miguel Ruiz will be presenting two workshops on Saturday the 12th, one in Spanish to the Latino community, and a second in English. He will be speaking about his new work: the Fifth Agreement, as well as his favorite topic: Love. Other keynote presenters include David Hatcher Childress, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Deborah King, Arielle Ford, Sean David Morton, John Hogue, Paula Harris, SARK, Gahl Sasson, Dr. Fred Bell, Linda Moulton Howe, Stephen Basset, William Henry, and Stephen Halpern. There will be lots of music at the Expo, starting with don Jose Ruiz’s rocking band on Friday night, followed by the Saturday night special music presentation by ambient sound visionary, Alex Theory, then on Sunday night we have a Salsa Band. Throughout the weekend, music will pervade the halls, the workshop rooms, and the hotel lobby with the best of L.A.’s alternative music scene. Other special events include Post Conference Seminars on Monday with SARK, David Wilcock, Richard C. Hoagland, Fred Bell and more. Over 100 Free Lectures throughout the weekend and 3 Exhibit Halls packed with information, sustainable products, alternative technology and fascinating people.

The Conscious Life Expo is where the Southern California community comes together to learn, share, grow and celebrate. Come and celebrate the new decade at the Conscious Life Expo, February 12-15 at the LAX Hilton. Call (800) 367-5777 for information. Visit: www.consciouslifeexpo.com.