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Ask Rev. Sandy and Kirk

By Revs. Sandy and Kirk Moore


Q: I have always made a list of New Year’s resolutions or goals. Is there an approach you recommend that works?
Marty San Clemente, CA

A: First, it is very important that you have clear intention on what you want. Clear intention and a passion for what you desire is the foundation for manifestation. Once your intention is clear in your mind, and you have the feeling that accompanies the accomplishment of that desire, consider certain daily practices that will assist you in creating results.
Meditation is an excellent spiritual practice to commune with Spirit and to have your thoughts take form. And, it is important to do affirmative prayer on a daily basis. This is the practice of affirming through prayer that you already have what you desire and it is in your life as you speak it. As you are affirming your desire, connect with the feeling of already having it. Then release it in love and gratitude to your higher power. There are many other avenues for manifesting, but I find these two the most powerful: meditation and affirmative prayer.

Q: The phrase, “In this economy,” seems to be a mantra for so many people that I wonder what it is doing to actually change what seems to be happening for the better. To me it means we are stuck in a downward spiral that affects everyone and we are victims of “this economy.” What do you say about this? Beth Irvine, CA

A: Our principle is that our life experience is an outpicturing of our core beliefs about the issue we are confronted with; in your case, it is “this economy.” By allowing your truth to be that “this economy” is in control of your life experience, you actualize that experience. We teach that the mind is a first cause of any experience and that by changing our thinking we change our lives. The practice of monitoring your thoughts and consciously changing them will result in actual changes in your external world. Since our minds have been conditioned for most of our lives to conform to the race mind, it takes focus and commitment to make the change; and, you can do it. If you have the opportunity, write your thoughts down about “this economy” and what beliefs they reflect. Then, turn your thoughts around so they reflect what you desire for “this economy.” You may be amazed at the results! ASK Revs. Sandy & Kirk through our website, www.csloc.org, or email revsandy@csloc.org. A Licensed Practitioner may also respond to your prayer request. We are dedicated to a world that works for everyone and look forward to your visiting us at 25782 Obrero Drive, Unit D, Mission Viejo, CA 92691 when you are in the area.