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As Good As It Gets

By Timothy Thompson


I’ve always felt that we get results on the personal level by finding meaning in our lives that works the best for us as individuals. Personal meaning eventually translates into social consequences. With that in mind, it was with no small amount of excitement and curiosity that I approached my first PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop. The PSYCH-K approach emphasizes a holistic approach to self-empowerment that involves getting the subconscious, conscious, and superconscious all lined up on the same playing field, so to speak. I didn’t know all the details, but felt that the two-day Basic Workshop would somehow fill in the missing pieces in my quest for meaning. My friend Kathy had taken both the Basic and Advanced Workshops, and I was impressed by her experiences: Kathy’s life definitely improved quite a bit after mastering the PSYCH-K processes which were based on integrating the body-mind connection and validating the individual’s deep transformative work in the body itself.
An old yoga teacher used to describe his body as the “personal experimental field of change and creation.” I had always liked that way of looking at the body as both the playground and the manifestation of our creations. The time for the Basic Workshop approached so I gathered my bottle of water, snacks, and plenty of pens and paper for taking notes. When I arrived at the Balanced Living Center in Fountain Valley, I was warmly welcomed by Karen Johnson, our PSYCH-K Instructor/Host, and shown the stock of bottled water (blessed prior to the workshop), the healthy snacks (we were encouraged to partake as desired), and a store of pens and paper for note taking. There were books, DVDs and other materials for purchase, and inspirational fliers and a master schedule of events to peruse during breaks. I was impressed. After filling out my name tag, I joined the rest of our group and got to know everyone. This workshop was small and intimate, just right for my first official exposure to PSYCH-K and perfect for establishing a better understanding of meaning and fulfillment in my life. Everyone in this workshop was there for the same reasons - some large and some small, but all integral to our personal development and spiritual evolution. The space was supportive, the people open and friendly, and the time was NOW!

The Roots of PSYCH-K
In 1983 PSYCH-K’s originator, Robert Williams, M.A., consciously or unconsciously asked himself the question, “Is this as good as it gets?” Williams had been dissatisfied with his business career for quite some time. He later detailed his disquiet in the book, “PSYCH-K: The Missing Piece Peace in Your Life!” “The fat-wallet, thin-life feeling became overwhelming, putting me in one of those life-assessment moments, where in the privacy of my own mind I could be completely honest.” Here was a man who had definitely been conducting his own existential search for meaning. Williams left the business world after taking night classes in the graduate counseling program at the local university. In 1986, he became a full-time psychotherapist. But something was missing - and it was not until the end of 1988 that a breakthrough from his superconscious provided the first of the processes that over the next several months came to be known collectively as PSYCH-K.

Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life
During the Basic Workshop, we learned that the PSYCH-K model of human consciousness incorporates three things, namely, the conscious, the subconscious, and the superconscious. The conscious mind is volitional (sets goals and judges results), thinks abstractly, is bound by time (based on past experience and future goals), a master of short-term memory, and limited to processing about 40 bits of information per second. The subconscious mind is habitual (monitors autonomic processes like motor functions, heart rate, respiration and digestion), thinks literally, master of long-term memory (stores attitudes, beliefs, experiences and values), timeless in nature (concerned with present time only), and has expansive processing capability of around 40 million bits of information per second. The superconscious is, by every conceivable measure, infinite and timeless in nature. PSYCH-K works with the conscious and subconscious under the gentle overview of the superconscious with the raw material of the beliefs that shape our lives. When we change our beliefs, we change our lives.

Basic Workshop Balances
PSYCH-K processes, called balances, are designed to rewire or balance the way our subconscious and conscious minds work in relation to the superconscious with the aim of achieving satisfaction in life. Each balance is easy to step through and conforms to a certain PSYCH-K universal pattern of protocols that has been shown to be most effective in achieving that end. During the Basic Workshop, we learned how to:
• Construct well-formed belief statements
• Use the Resolution Balance and the New Direction Balance for greater left- and right-brained integration
• Use the PSYCH-K balances for Self-Esteem, Relationships, Prosperity, Health, Personal Power, Grief and Loss, and Spirituality
• Determine the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic links between the conscious and subconscious in a VAK to the Future, which helps integrate sensory awareness with one’s state of mind

This PSYCH-K Basic Workshop presented me with a formidable array of new tools to achieve whole-brained consciousness, and pairing up with other workshop participants proved to be less of a challenge than anticipated. Under Karen’s gentle yet thorough guidance, we learned to approach the balance exercises with a “do with” rather than “do to” attitude. This helped dispel the myth of separation and feeling embarrassed about our personal challenges. We were also taught how to do the balances on our own if no suitable partner could be found. I continue to find the balances meaningful and often use them in various situations.

The Balanced Living Center offers several workshops and other events each month. Call Karen Johnson at (714) 742-7735 for more details.
Timothy Thompson is a freelance writer/editor whose love affair with words has allowed him to explore diverse interests in the human mind, spiritual advancement, global environmental and lifestyle challenges and personal development. He currently makes his living working on web content and other writing projects from his home in southern California. Visit www.thompsoninkworks.com for more information.